2018 promises to be hot for the crypto-currency market

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The surge in interest in ICO and the size of the investments attracted by crypto-currency projects have also attracted many adventurers and scammers to the industry. The large number of scam projects, as well as the raw state of most others, gave rise to a sense of inevitable recession due to the investors' losses of money and hopes, but with the appearance of plausible rumors about the release of Telegram's TON project on the ICO, the scenario seems to be changing and ahead of us is not the market drop, but, on the contrary, take-off, which we have not yet seen. 2018 promises to be hot.

The record results of the projects that completed the ICO in the first half of 2017 gradually changed to extras that did not even publish the results of the ICO. From the sensations of autumn - "rather, sooner, the train leaves, soon everything will be regulated and nothing will get at all." As a result, for the consideration of investors were massively proposed early, on the rapidly assembled projects, with grammatical mistakes in White Paper texts and ill-conceived economic models.

A turning point in the perception of prospects for the coming year in terms of interesting ICO projects occurred in December with the appearance of rumors about the preparation of the launch of own blockade by the team of Pavel Durov (Telegram). There were no official statements about the dates or nuances of the project from the Telegram representatives, but the excitement is fueled by the [targeted] appearance of "leaks" - up to the White Paper version marked "PRIMER".

If you start to copy, then you are worth something. The coin of the Telegram project was forged only on the basis of rumors. Moreover, the GRAM token is listed and traded on the YOB.net exchange, which, however, fully corresponds to the free mores of the crypto-currency market.

To miss such an expected event as the launching of the blocking project by Pavel Durov, especially with a coin, a mining, a purse and the prospect of a rapid growth in the number of users at the expense of the audience of the most mass and fast-growing instant messenger-this is simply impossible to afford.

If such a wave was able to raise unconfirmed rumors, then it is possible to imagine what the market reaction will be to Durov's official announcement of the launch of the blockade and the conduct of the ICO. The situation with the unannounced ICO Telegram is reminiscent of the annual intrigue with the release of the next iPhone model. Apple up to the last supports uncertainty, but by the time of presentation of a novelty the market already more or less in a course that it is necessary to expect due to leaks, casual or adjusted - business the tenth.

Whether the probable ICO Telegram is an individual, out of the ordinary or similar plans are maturing in other weighty and user-friendly projects - messengers, social networks, trading platforms, maybe exchanges or insurance companies. Does Mark Zuckerberg have no plans to launch Facebook's crypto currency, and if he has not planned so far, will ICO Telegram be a detonator of launching a whole series of new blockades from well-known and authoritative Internet resources. It is unlikely that they need funds to pay for development, but the growth of capitalization potentially several orders of magnitude due to the exchange rate rallies of the project is unlikely to prevent even residents of the Forbes list Jeff Bezos (Amazon.com) or the founders of Google - Larry Page and Sergei Brin.

The reputation of Pavel Durov and the model of the Telegram project, aimed at providing broad communication opportunities to both private users and Internet projects, allows us to count on the TON (Telegram Open Network) project to be consistent with the principles laid down by Bitkoyn's creator in technology - decentralization, anonymity,

The output on the ICO of the whales of the Internet industry actually brings the line under the children's development period of the blockade of technologies. ICO Telegram is quite capable for some time to draw attention of investors from other crypto-currency projects, to draw investment funds and to leave without funding start-ups from teams that did not manage to gain credibility. And this, of course, is not too good news for the market as a whole.

However, the launch of a new blockade by a major player is certainly a serious step forward for the community. Judging by the seeping information, Durova's blockade will be focused on the creation of smart contracts, which means it will support and compete with the Ethereum project, create an alternative to the Chinese air-NEO, and open up new opportunities and prospects for the development of the crypto-currency economy.

The expected deadline for the launch of the TON block is March 2018. We follow the appearance of official information and collect rumors about ICO Telegram in the specially created for this purpose section of the ICO-Digest.com catalog - ICO Telegram Open Network .


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