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Hello Steemians,


I always wanted to explore and test these passive income platforms where you pay them bitcoin and they guarantee you %1 profit on a daily basis but the problem is that the profits will be calculated in USD and will not benefit from bitcoin price increase like the last bull run we had.

So in order to conclude wether it's a good investment or not (at least short term speaking since they are always accused to be scams and what not) i took a couple screenshots of my dashboard on Control Finance :

This was my first deposit which i made in bitcoin, back then i deposited 0.0045 BTC and they gave me a %5 bonus on my deposit :)


And since day 1 i had the auto-reinvest ON meaning that whatever profits i get it will automatically be reinvested and this strategy is known as compound intrest, So throughout my 25 days i made a total of $3.2.

Sans titre.png

This is what my account looks like and i earn %1 everyday of the amount shown in dollars, But as i stated before that this website deosn't take into consideration any bitcoin price increase meaning that if i held to my bitcoin and sold @$4200 i would have 0.0045 * $4200 = $18.9 where i only have $14.54 now.


But this doesn't mean that Control Finance isn't profitable it simply means that investing in it is loosing bitcoin value (in case it goes up).

Thank You Guys For Taking The Time And Reading This, If You Have A Friend Who Is Considering Investing In A Lending Website Resteem This Post And Tell Him/Her To Hold The Bitcoin They Have It's Safer In Their Hands :)


Great post! Bitcoin is all the rage these days and everyone trying to get in on it.

Yeah But It Looks Like The Market Bulls Are Taking A Rest Today :(

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