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May 22 vs tonight right now.. invest a little in your future.. you will definitely spend more then $100 on Christmas this year, by a Longshot, probably already have.. look at the numbers and do some google searching.. Get $10 of bitcoin for free when you buy $100 or more of bitcoin. Download the app now! yup, I'll get $10, consider it a thank you Rob gift for Xmas.


May 22

I'll also be updating later in the week with a new website I'm launching with more info on Bitcoin and using it. For now.. at least consider the Xmas gift to me. I don't ask for much from many... I really don't... Here I am finally asking... Please.. do us both this favor.. it's not a bubble, it's the future.. read the tech, look at he world, not just the United States of ignorance... Please, feel rage at this Bitcoin thing.. hate it.. research it to debunk me.. then make a small commitment ^>^ YouTube has alot of Bitcoin videos, lazy knowledge!! Also attached is a image of one of the wallet apps I use, showing that yes, I've been using Bitcoin and CryptoCurrencies myself... I'm not just preaching.. I'm walking the walk..



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These are my personal accounts, not, these funds are for personal use. Life and such, or new things (read:tech toys) for vlogging, running servers, or otherwise working on
I'm starting from scratch here with just $1k in savings and my steemit balance.


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