Genesis Mining Update and Day Twenty six (26) of my investment, $1,320.00 in loans

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Hello steemit community, my crypto investment journey continues for twenty-six (26) days. If you are reading this for the first, I have invested $1010 in bitconnect.

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So how is so far,

Lending Wallet details

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I reinvested $30 today, so my total loan amount is $1,320.00, and I have earned $ 311.58.

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Genesis Mining Update
I purchase 2.5 Terahash (TH) of Bitcoin mining on Thursday, August 10, 2017.

Total Bitcoin Earn as of September 06, 2017

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Latest Genesis Mining Pending Payout Earn

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If you have doubts, do not sign up for the programs below.

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"Failure is when you stop trying."

"They say patience is a virtue."

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hello i just upvoted and followed you .you can also do the same for me.

have you been able to gain back the amount you invested in genesis mining

if bitcoin keep going up, I will get it back in about 3 to 4 months. I started on August 11, 2017.

I suggest rolling over Bitconnect $ into Genesis mining. 2.5 TH isn't going to get you a substantial return over time. Might I suggest alternating daily payouts or splitting up a week for half Bitconnect reinvestment and then half saved for Genesis'BTC mining? Who knows if Genesis will sell out on their early bird special now, or if supply will be bought out fast ~ Oct 31, so that affects timing. This also keeps your money working for you. I've been cashing out of Bitconnect occasionally to get my initial out and sending it right to Bittrex to diversify in altcoins while their price points are good.

thanks for your advice, I bought 2.5 th yesterday which will be active on october 31, 2017

not bad, that's residual income so long it's profitable. I got a question regarding Genesis Mining. Currently i have a issue with their service, because i payed for Bitcoin TH/s mining and got no entries in the orders tab. Support is very slow currently and with each day i'm more concerned.. they answered just that there is much traffic and they are overloaded. Any experiences in such cases?

First question, are you seeing the hash power you purchase on the dashboard.

If not wait for around 24 hours, the last hash power I purchase take that long. I think its due to the high volume of orders as bitcoin hash power is again currently sold out.