Genesis Mining Update and Day Fifty (50) of my investment,[Initial $1010](Active: $1,880.00 in loans)

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Hello steemit community, my crypto investment journey continues for fifty (50) days. If you are reading this for the first, I invested $1010 in bitconnect on August 11, 2017.

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So how is so far,

Lending Wallet details

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I reinvested $10 today, so my total loan amount is $1,880.00, and I have earned $ 730.91.

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Genesis Mining

I purchased 2.5 Terahash (TH) of Bitcoin mining on Thursday, August 10, 2017. I bought 2.5 Terahash more on Tuesday, September 05, 2017, but I will have to wait until October 31, 2017, to start mining. My total hash power now is 5.0863 TH/s, thanks to two persons who have used my code, I have gotten some bonus hash power.

I have earned one hundred and eight dollars($108) USD in Bitcoin for fifty-one days of mining

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If you have doubts, do not sign up for the programs below. Also, remember you have not earned a monetary reward until you have cashed out the bitconnect coins you earn from the money you lend to the platform.

Affiliate Sponsors

My bitconnect sponsor name if you are interested in signing up: cointalk

My Genesis mining affiliate code for a 3% discount if you are interested in purchasing hashing power: kYAFGP

BTC Address: 1CmCVRpPi66CRcoowGbzVAb6c73vLnUePb

ETH Address: 0x96efE2E16fEe4D90aa488e5911c5Ad649FB461CB

Bitconnect Address: 8GvF6DFEk8v9b8Vs8Q6hYw4vspfqX3Qivh