Crypto Going Strong, Stocks Not So Much

in investment •  4 months ago 

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Look, bitcoin is green and rising while all the stocks are red and falling. I still can't deposit into robinhood(which is really painful, but I haven't had time to call in for help) but look at the market right now. None of the stocks in my watchlist closed higher than they opened. But look at bitcoin's graph right there. It's going up. I'm pretty sure that it was above $8,000 earlier today.

So investing is cyrpto is better? Maybe. I'm no investing guru. I don't put in any money that I'm not willing to lose. I'm just hoping that in the long term, my investments go up in price and I've got a nice little stash in case I need an emergency fund.

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You've got the right mindset. Here's hoping you find yourself in the green, not the red!

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Overall, I'm in the green so thats good. How about you?

I made a very smart buy of LTC right before Thanksgiving. It's basically tripled since then.

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I noticed that too. I can't deposit for crypto on RH since it's not available in my state yet. It probably is the reason also why you can't trade them there as well. I have Coinbase for that, at least.

I like the stock $VERU as well. Earnings for them are coming out Wed. It's a slow & steady stock but it is a decent one. :)

I don't mean deposit crypto. I can't even link my,bank to send over some $.

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