My portfolio

in #investment4 years ago

Wanted to share my portfolio today:

1 . Coins -

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Dash
  • Omg
  • EOS
  • NEO

2 . Already active Lending plaforms

  • (having problems with exchange)

3 . Finished ICOs

  • ( Nucleus )

4 . Running ICOs

  • BitconnectX (Exchange like binance probably)
  • ENVOIN (mobile mining)
  • (promised lending platforms)


QTUM,Bytom is very nice and suitable.

bitconnect is ponzi sceme but to late now

Yeah... Short it now!

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What a portfolio

not really sure how the exchanges are part of your portfolio... do you own them?

there is no tomorrow, keep neo forever

Good work dear keep it up thanks for sharing this

Looks pretty damn solid to me. lol

its good to be knowledgeable, and well informed to follow steps of others, learn more about this crytocurrency...

Thanks for sharing your portfolio man!

I don't agree with all of your strategies, but EOS is definitely a solid pick into the portfolio for sure. Best of luck! :)

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Anyone got anymore of that sub $10 neo?