My popcorn is ready!!! 🍿🍿🍿

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If you are on @steemit, it's because somehow you are involved with the crypto world, right?

There is going to be a lot of hype, speculation, non sense, and also great news about the bitcoin split in the next few days!

My popcorn is ready, and I'm just going to watch in silence how (the same people) that lost their pants during the dot com crash, and the real estate crash are going to make the same mistake during the following weeks!

I guess, they will never learn...

Because of the huge volatility we are going to experience, people will panic!

People will see their crypto investments rising and plummeting, and they will loose their minds like they did before!

The will buy and sell like maniacs without analyzing what's going on with the crypto market.


Remember last May when the whole crypto market went down from 88 billion to 60 billion, and then it went back up to 120 billion?

I'm not expert, but in my personal opinion, it will make more sense to hold all your "horses" during this upcoming race and watch the numbers closely.

It would be better to embrace the volatility without panicking because all of these changes are for good reasons, and sometimes the ones creating the volatility are the ones waiting to catch up on your loss.

The storm is going to be only for a short period of time, and the sun will come out like it always does (meaning: the crypto world will stabilize again)

C'mon is not the end of the world...

Just be patient, observe, learn, put your emotions on the side, and grab some pop corn to watch history like I'm planing to do.

Thank me later! 😉
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I have faith in our new crypto world. We will all be fine on August 1st. Let's enjoy the ride.


The big issue though is that its not like the stock market. The crypto you are holding right now could in fact be worth zero the next day if this fork goes sideways. Also holding on the wrong side of the split can cause you to lose massive profits. Instead of taking that unknown risk most investors are pulling out and waiting for the dust to settle to see what is going to happen. There are billions of dollars at stake over the next few weeks and honestly its in the hands of all amateurs when you think about it.

Yes, let's see what's going to happen...

In the meanwhile I left you a peculiar option , any thoughts aboit it?

That's interesting...
I don't want to speculate, but If the split happens, I think it will be something similar like what happened with Ethereum and Ethereum classic.

I so agree with you! It's a game of waiting and being patient in the world of crypto!

Absolutely! Numbers never lie, and the emotions have to be kept on a tie leash.

I'm not expert, but in my personal opinion, it will make more sense to hold all your "horses" during this upcoming race and watch the numbers closely.

Do the exact opposite.

It's ok to disagree with me...
I rather enjoy the roller coaster than loosing my sleep.
I won't even look at my crypto compare portfolio for days because my involvement with cryptocurrency and app coins are for long term...