The decentralized mission

in investment •  7 days ago

Whenever I read something like this: „The company’s mission is to leverage blockchain technology to create the first Decentralized....“ I get very weary.

First off a mission to use a technology is just always a bad mission. Technology must be used to enable or support a mission and not the other way around. This is about as useful as saying our mission is to create a company to spend money.

Money, technology or any resource should be used to make the mission a reality.

Secondly, assuming the mission is decentralization, then why is there a company? The point of a Company is to be centralized around one point of control.

Be weary when investing in such schemes.....

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Exactly my thoughts and the thoughts of someone who is far more accomplished in the tech world than any of us:

Here is another related case study:


I feel the same here. ''Our mission'' or ''to decentralized'', really make me cringe most of the time

A company need to make money in the first place or otherwise it will die!

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Most of these are just marketing scams. Or people that do not really understand what they want to do.

In almost all cases I have seen it was possible to replace blockchain by very slow and inefficient database. And that is not innovation.

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