Nice investment of crypto mining today

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I want to invite you guys for invest mining cryptocurrency like BTC, ETH, USDT and Unit , maybe will have many cryptocurrency for mining too.

Before i will show you, i need to tell you about this mining


Name is cryptominingfarm

Cryptominingfarm was opened for 5-6 years ago and still continue

Have option for mining

  • lifetime
  • 15 years
  • 3 years
  • 1 years
  • 6 months
  • 3 months

No maintenance fee

For new user : you will get Free 50 GHS (Lifetime) when you sign up

Minimum for invest : buy only 20 GHS(if you buy will 20 + 50 GHS = 70 GHS)

Now 20 GHS = 47.340000 UNIT(18$, 0.001874104 BTC rate at 29/4/18)

Coin for buy with Hash rate for 15 years and lifetime is Unit(Can mine unit too)

if you don't have unit, you can trade BTC to Unit, They have many exchange for that

For buy 3 years, 1 years, 6 months and 3 months with BTC only

I recommend you to buy 15 years or life time

if you buy 20 GHS, you can withdraw too.

Minimum for withdraw :

  • 0.005BTC, TX Fee : 0.001BTC ( VIP TX Fee : 0.0005 )
  • 15USDT, TX Fee : 5USDT ( >100USDT TX Fee : 0.5USDT )
  • 0.01UNIT, TX Fee : 0 UNIT
  • 0.01ETH, TX Fee : 0.002-0.004ETH

They is legit , i will show you about my withdraw


Along with my photo, First they open and get 10 GHS for new user but now 50 GHS.

I withdrew 2 times

  • 2017-12-27 17:31:54 Withdraw 0.0078881 BTC
  • Withdraw 3.79014379 UNIT

You will get 15% for refer someone to join this.

if you guy interest with this hurry to join before price up

Click here :

Now hurry to buy hash rate they will give you LKD coin for airdrop 1:1 for hash rate

Hope you guys get profit with this

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Today there is so many crypto farms and mining companies that we have really a choice where to join in :)


sure but you ever use this site?

I use Nicehash for Mining.
I have 2 PCs with 3VGAs in total.
That´s about 50€ a month and thats cool for me.
I do not have to pay electricity. :-D


nice but this not pay electricity too :)


Ok, but I get nearly every Satoshi I mine.
And with a Cloud-Mining Contract or something like that, YOU pay the miner´s rig.

I love cryptocarency. Meybe i will invest in bitcoin..what about you


nice to hear about that, i already invest. hope you get many with profit they have lift time and 15 years mining is good for do that. enjoy :)