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That ICO 's investment process is kind of how?

The investment process of ICO includes: 1. Understanding and inspecting the project 2. Analyzing and discussing the investment value of the project 3. Understanding and deciding the investment date and channel 4. Investment. They are elaborated as follows:

3.1 Understand and inspect the project

3.1.1 Know what new projects are to be crowdfunded

The following 3 websites are foreign mainstream ICO information platforms, which can cover most of the upcoming ICO projects.

In addition to the above sites, our public number ICO daily broke the news will have a copy of ICO calendar, and the core of the project with the Chinese written for everyone to understand what the new ICO project to be launched recently.

( ICO broke the news on the public account every day, open the mobile phone WeChat to scan the code to follow.)

It is recommended to pay attention to the above public account now, because it will be used in other links later.

3.1.2 Understand and inspect the details of the new project

The following two websites provide a summary and analysis of project details. However, has recently charged more and more adverts . Please pay attention to this point.

In addition to the aforementioned websites, normally, you should also pay attention to media channels such as the project's BTT forum (Note 3 ), the project's Slack discussion group, and the project's twitter .

Some projects that have a better understanding of or value the Chinese market will publish their PR drafts on domestic media platforms such as chainb . Some of these drafts are complete advertisements, but some of the content is of high quality, which will affect the actual situation of the project. The value is very clear and worthy of reference. The details and analysis of some projects will also be provided in the public account " ICO Daily Breaking News" that you paid attention to in the last part , and you can also refer to it.

3.2 Analyze and discuss the investment value of the project

Through the above method, after you have a preliminary understanding of the project, you will select some projects for further details. This includes reading the project white paper, investigating the background of the project team, carefully thinking about the project’s business model and investor returns, and examining how the project’s return to investors is reflected and whether it is reasonable. Of course, this part is more complicated, so we won't go into details for the time being.

In addition to investigating projects on your own, you can also join some high-quality WeChat groups, QQ groups or Xiaomi circles to discuss projects with other ICO investors. As far as we know, some high-quality discussion channels include QQ group ICO daily breaking news 1 group, group number 78612839 . Please add "Fei Fei Assistant" to the WeChat group. Her WeChat ID is blockchainteam , and she will invite you to the WeChat discussion group. In addition, the paid small secret circle is also a very high-quality source of information and a place for discussion. Because it is paid to join, I won't say more here.

3.3 Understand and decide the date and channel of investment

3.3.1 Know the date of investment

The project party usually gives an approximate ICO date in advance , such as " July ", but the actual ICO date may not be announced until June , and it may be changed and postponed many times after the announcement. It depends on the progress of the project itself and special events. In short , you can learn about the investment date of the project through the project's official website, BTT forum, Slack, etc.

3.3.2 Understanding and determining ICO investment channels

There are generally three ICO investment channels: project official website, third-party financing platform, ICO dapp Project official website

Most ICO projects will provide a direct investment channel on the official website, some projects require registration, and some projects do not require registration. For specific details, the official website will generally provide instructions.

Most ICO projects now use the smart protocol function of Ethereum to complete the distribution of ICO coins. In short, the project party will issue a smart protocol on Ethereum. This smart protocol will use the block time of Ethereum to determine the start time and end time of the project. Before and after the start time, all transfers are transferred to All coins on the smart agreement will be returned. During the ICO process, the coins transferred to the ICO address will be accepted by the project party, and ICO project tokens will be automatically generated and automatically returned to the investor's investment address. Third-party financing platform

At present, there are some third-party platforms that help ICO projects in financing at home and abroad, and they will act as an agent for the financing of some projects. This article mainly introduces some domestic ICO financing platforms:

Each of the above platforms will represent different ICO projects. Because Chinese ICO financing platforms often provide project details in Chinese and help complete ICO investment, it is more convenient to operate.

But similarly, as a centralized platform, these ICO financing platforms also have the risk of being stolen, funds being misappropriated, and even failing to invest because of poor communication with the project party. ICO DAPP

Some wallets such as imtoken wallet provide ICO DAPP function. The so-called ICO DAPP refers to encapsulating the investment address and smart protocol of the ICO project, so that users can invest in the investment address on the official website with one click on the wallet software.

This method is indeed very convenient for users. However, imtoken currently only supports ETH- based projects, and the number of ICO projects currently supported is not too many.

3.4 Investment

When the date is up, just vote. Because some projects are particularly popular, the entire ICO crowdfunding may be completed within two minutes (the recent BAT project completed the ICO within 30 seconds , and it has probably increased by 5-10 times after the ICO ), so you need to pay special attention to the start time of the ICO project , Accurate to the minute and second. About 3 seconds after the start of the project , hurry up and invest.

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