Apis Tokens Combination of stellar blockchain technology

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Hi steemit reader ...Have you heard the news about Stellar being a star !! this digital currency jumped more than 65% in early 2018, making it the top 10 crypto classification based on market capitalization. then what to do with Apis Token!
Apis Token is the first token to have a hedge fund trading strategy for signal-based volatility and VIX Futures markets, with a proven track record and a management team with more than 15 years of secure trading experience. The goal of the ACM team is to use stellar technology to make Token Apis safe, easy to liquid and transparent.Issuer will use a combination of Stellar blockchain that delivers the best of platforms, fast, efficient, transaction costs and low liquidity.The Token app is designed to be simple, reliable, and robust against hackers. managed by standardized and tested Stellar network protocols, Stellar Networks are selected for their track record, user base, infrastructure, security tools, and development. Stellar network is the fastest blockchain network today, the speed of more than 1000 TPS per second ensured that Token will not experience delays and congestion, and the congestion we often see on the token ERC20 in the ethereum network,try to imagine!we can transact on the Stellar network in 3 seconds permanently, and this is an extraordinary record
This is of course very important for the asset-backed liquidity token, and enables Token to provide best-in-class technology solutions. the ACM team will do its best to ensure that Token is created, distributed, maintained and exchanged clear, transparent and safe way.read whitepaper


Mechanics In Exchange Token Token, transactions Always recorded in Stellar blockchain.

This allows publishers to track the location of all tokens without major administrative costs. In addition records transactions, the content of smart contracts is public, providing Token holder transparency about how many tokens are in circulation and how many addresses these tokens have.The publisher will provide notices approximately ninety days prior to regularly scheduled redemption period. The first redemption period will be 12 months after the completion of public sale to non U.S. Upon receipt of the notice of the redemption period, the Token holder wishes to redeem it Tokens must submit their redemption requests no later than sixty days prior to the date of redemption. On the redemption date, Token holder may exchange their Token for the value of their proportional net assets Interest of the Issuer in the Fund on the redemption date. After the Token is redeemed, the Token will be issued.

Roadmap Fund




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Such reviews about Apis Token issued by ACM Team (Apis Capitalist Management) with the existence of hudge fund strategy allows investors to build wealth in all market conditions and achieve diversification with absolutely no correlation with other crypto currency markets. interested for this project? wait no more do not waste time to think this is the right time to invest, remember crypto will boom again! please visit the official website
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