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A43942AD-CA2F-4827-91CC-1326637DE182.jpegThe below is just a thought process, not a presentation of hard facts, this is the voice in which I speak to myself, no disrespect is intended.

I can look at 2 ways of valuing the the way I allocate financial resources.

Emotionally ie how I feel when I project my opinions onto desirable objects

Examples - trophy partners, luxury items, clothing, gold, pleasures, *yummy carbohydrates, toys

Energetically ie - the actual resource cost and functionality

Examples - Structure, business, commodities, tools, skills, pasture raised meat.

I put gold in both examples, because it has the function of being a store of wealth, but at the same time has very little utility. It is held as a tool to alleviate fear or assure choices in a virtual future , rather than a present now.

By simply creating these distinctions I have in no way made the reality black and white. This is a thought exercise designed to help me make investment decisions. Of course I can not make reality that which it is not anyway.

Land and Structures come with fixed overheads, without attachment to a business they are liabilities. The same could be said for commodities and tools though probably to a lesser extent.

Liquid Assets - stores of wealth and tools of transfer.

Gold and Digital Money can have a fixed supply.
Currencies such as Fiat do not and therefore will always lose value over time, those who create them can influence the perceived value, (costs) of real assets.

As such, Money is going to be a better place to keep wealth.

Financial instruments - such as bonds, futures and options - I am simply not knowledgable enough to comment.

Stocks and Alt coins - these are essentially shares or parts of a business. They have a fundamental value that changes depending on economic factors and they have an emotional value determined by fear, greed and peoples projected futures, (the stories used to sell them).

Owned businesses, skills and tools - this is the asset class where we have the greatest ability to impact both the perceived and fundamental value of an asset class. These are assets we can influence through the quality of our own actions.

It seams wise to me that if we invest in businesses, skills and tools, we have the greatest control. Any excessive abundance produced from this can be stored as Money rather than Currency.

For me this all equates to building skills, acquiring tools that enhance those skills, owning a business to make things available to others so that I can pay bills and store any abundance as Money.

Land and structures and commodities is a place where people can become extremely wealthy, but these things also require a lot of attention and may not provide a lot of happiness.

Skills and the tools to enhance and express them, requires a non selfish focus that does tend to allow happiness and the rewards of being valuable to others.

Toys and tools, while we learn from both I guess toys outside of a business provide little exchangeable value to others. As such they are more of an emotional asset.

The ownership of Money, alleviates fear, provides choices such as the ability to grow our own or help others to develop and enhance skills. In such an environment kindness is both easy and fun.


  • Maintain a business that allows me to work at what I enjoy

  • Live simply so that I can build savings in gold and digital money.

  • Use those savings to stay relaxed while I build and help others to acquire skills and tools.

  • Do not own or control more land or structures than I absolutely need to, to operate the business.

  • Keep the main part of the business, the expression of skill, rather than the managing of systems, unless systems management is they skill of choice.

  • Everything we do is leadership, only the effectiveness varies.

  • I have been enjoying enhanced physical and cognitive performance living without carbohydrates now for over 3 months, (others for decades), so they appear to be non essential. Considering that most food related inflammation and oxidation is being traced back to seed oil and insulin raising foods, carbs no longer seem like a functional choice. They are very pleasant, however, so I leave them in the emotional expenditure for as long as I am fortunate enough to have the luxury of choice.
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Thank you to show your thought process. It resonates with me.

"Do not own or control more land or structures than I absolutely need to, to operate the business."

I often discover that this is an overload. According to my perception, people tend to expect too much from themselves for the reasons you have just mentioned.

They want to control more than they can and, with the intention of keeping control, they resort to emotional and technical means. As you quite rightly say, these are the creation of fear and greed and the accumulation of material wealth, where one takes up more space than he is actually able to fill.

At the management level, means are devised to manage "quality". As we all know, this cannot go well. A lot of time and creative energy is spent on it, although it is clear that quality is always associated with human interaction and the intention of cooperation.

Instead of building bridges, we build interfaces that, if they are destructive, become walls.


Yes, you totally it. We speak of systems management but forget that the underlying system is biology. how we impact that determines overall fragility.