Bullion, Bullets and Bitcoin - How To Survive The Coming Collapse

in investment •  6 months ago

Jeff Berwick is interviewed by Kerry Stevenson, organizer of the Precious Metals Investment Symposium, for Magic in Mining Podcast. Topics include: how long can this fiat monetary system continue? the ever accelerating the US government debt, can the debt keep rising? money printing and inflation, the disaster of hyperinflation, interest rate rises vs negative interest rates, preparing for dollar collapse, precious metals as an insurance, diversification into hard assets, China buying gold, the petrodollar, the goals of The Dollar Vigilante, taking advantage of the crypto market downturn, Anarchapulco 2019

Magic in Mining podcast: http://symposium.net.au/magic-in-mining-podcast

The Precious Metals Investment Symposium website: http://symposium.net.au

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Anarchapulco February 14-17, 2019, Acapulco, Mexico
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Someone said, "you get the government you deserve." In communism, everyone is the you.

The first preparation for investing in gold in any country should be:

  • finding the perfect hideout for them - difficult to detect even for the squadron of the police;
  • developing an emergency plan to escape from the country with gold in the event of commune expansion;

Do you really think collapse will coming ??
I think bull run is waiting !!!
BTC price prediction 23000$ in this year's end


What reason you have to think for a bull run?


There are many positive news in market
Hayes: A Positive Regulatory Etf Will Push Bitcoin to $50,000 in 2018


It will help you correct that fantasy it you read more about the causes of hyperinflation. The US has over 60 TRILLION dollars in debt that cannot possibly be paid off. Bitcoin may be worth that, but what will a Dollar be worth?

Venezuela is finding out now: a cup of coffee in Caracas costs one million Bolivars... about 29 cents.


lets not become socialists then eh?


A perfect option! Stack 'em and HODL!


That sounds much more likely.

Hello @dollarvigilante,
the collapse will come now, you 100% right.
I just read the latest article of zerohedge, the very best one I read about these things the last months:


Since years I also followed the stock market guru in Germany, Dirk Mueller, a man with always brillant analyses and with 2 legs on the floor, his last video is normally a must watch for everybody, sorry it's only in German available:

Be prepared, love and best regards

It's coming - we just don't know the date and time

You can't eat gold, kill someone with it or wipe your ass with it. I only horde bullets and toilet paper.

Great video as usual Jeff, I am very excited to see the dollar crashing and governments later on falling down as well! Anarcho capitalism is close, I can feel it! I am also very high! :D

my portfolio is 100% ADA

yeah like why why didnt I take the blue pill?