How Technology is Shaping the Future of Investing

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A lot of technological evolution of our time has had a significant impact on the way investments are made and managed by people around the world. The way of investing has improved a lot over the years, thanks to the increasing leadership role played by the technology. Herewith we list few areas where technology played and is playing an important role in disrupting the market place.

Replacing the Middleman

One of the most significant improvements that we see in today’s investments is the decreasing and even disappearing role of the middlemen. In today’s market the technology helps to make the process easier, faster and cheaper, unlike the old days, when we had to contact a stockbroker each and every time we wanted to invest. Brokers or agents used to charge an unreasonable commission when providing their services due to technological limitations. These limitations allowed the creation of a lucrative and inaccessible environment to the individuals and investors. In addition to this, the overall investment process and its results were lacking transparency, leaving the investors without a clear understanding to how their money was used and spent.  

Since then, the investment market has changed so dramatically and at the speed of light. Investors have become more engaged in their own money transactions and decision making in every single step of the investment process. Transparency has also become a common requirement for any financial service provider.

Making the Process Easier, Affordable and Transparent

Nowadays, the investment process has become far easier than before. Investors have many tools to choose from and to execute their investment vision in the most effective and efficient way. With a few simple clicks, for example, you can search for a list of advisors or brokerage firms and compare their services. 

The internet has helped users to access information before unavailable. New technologies have increased competition and transparency in the market and allowed individuals to make better informed decisions. The Fintech companies have disrupted the large financial organizations forcing them to engage in revolutionary organizational, operational and functional changes. 

Technology has helped investors to easily track their investment portfolios using mobile or web applications while on the move, which translated into reduced costs for both financial institutions from an operational stand point and clients in term of lower fees and better service.

Mobile Apps

Many financial service providers (e.g. Brokerage, Wealth Firms etc.) are now offering dedicated applications to allow investors to sell/buy commodities, stocks, currencies and so forth. These applications help the investors to track their investment any time and from anywhere and provide a large number of functionalities that we will be talking more about in future posts. This technology has translated into a massive gain in efficiency and industry cost reduction. 

Better Investment Research and Analysis

Unlike years ago when people investment knowledge was bound by the lack of resources, today’s technology gives  an enormous list of tools to choose from and to conduct research and analysis before making an informed investment decision.

While the internet has become one of the core enterprise tools, the real game changer is technologies that offer distinctive competitive advantages. Advance technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), Data Analytics, VR (Virtual Reality) and blockchain have changed and revolutionized the way companies operate. 

The best example of an enterprise that makes use of all these advance technologies that comes to mind is DCI, or DigitalCryptoInvest. A digital investment ecosystem, where Artificial Intelligence (AI), Risk Assessment, Blockchain and other advanced technologies, along with a 360-degrees view of client portfolio, provides a secure and complete investment experience.

DCI aims to make investments easy, accessible and comprehensive for everyone, irrespective of their knowledge. It, therefore, levels the playfield for beginners and expert investors to gain from their investment.

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