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Today, most of the traditional investment platforms lack the support of cutting-edge, disruptive technologies or tools (e.g. A.I., robo-advisory, etc.) to assist investors to execute their investment ideas or make informed investment decisions.

Most of the existing financial services models are becoming redundant due to lack of support or integration capabilities with modern-day fintech services/software.

Modern-day fintech firms with application programming interfaces (APIs), robotic process automation (RPA), Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) such as blockchain are disrupting the investment market, all thanks to their low-cost investment solutions/ideas.

The rapid proliferation of digitalization in the investment space is putting additional pressure on traditional business models and services.

Seeing such transformation, modern-day investors, especially Millenials and high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) also want to leverage the full breadth of digital capabilities by having complete control over their investment portfolio with minimal human intervention.

Presently, Investors (both private and institutional) are looking for a turnkey investment solution or Ecosystem where they can directly access the advanced technology services (e.g., A.I./robo-advisory, risk rating, etc.) at One Place, with One Tool for creating, managing their portfolio and achieve their investment targets/goals easily.

DCI Ecosystem — A Turnkey Solution for Investors

Seeing such investors’ needs, DCI has come up with the idea of creating the most profitable, innovative and forward-looking investment solution that will transform and simplify the investor’s journey.DCI ecosystem will offer limitless investment and profit earning opportunities to everyone, including investor, investment seeker businesses/individual or a third-party service/software provider.

Investors in DCI Ecosystem would be allowed to create a hybrid portfolio of “traditional & tokenized assets, financial instruments” by taking the help of advanced investment tools and services like robo-advisory, risk rating, etc.

Investors will be able to manage, personalize their portfolio, execute their investment ideas, and find the best investment options by using such investment tools & services present in DCI Ecosystem accessible via a simple drag and drop facility.
All such advance investment tools or services (Robo-advisory (A.I.), Portfolio rebalancing (A.I.), legal advice, notary, etc.) will be offered to investors by a wide range of third-party service providers through third-party API functionality within the DCI Ecosystem.

Investors would be allowed to choose among the best third-party investment tools or services (e.g. robo-advisory, etc.) by navigating through a list of third-party services/products listed on the DCI Ecosystem.

No additional fees would be charged from DCI community members to “activate” such advanced investment services to their portfolio.The aspect that makes DCI unique from other investment platforms is it’s open, distributed, decentralized, and community-driven approach to simplify the investment journey of investors.

The community members or users of the DCI ecosystem will have full control of the ecosystem activities and will also take a major part in the decision making of the Ecosystem (in terms of improving system capabilities, service offerings, etc.).Investors in DCI Ecosystem would also get the opportunity to rate multiple third-party products/services through a fair and transparent scoring mechanism

This will help other investors to choose among the best investment tools or services and eliminate bad players from the DCI Ecosystem.

The presence of a fair vendor rating system, dedicated forums for sharing product experiences will increase the transparency in the entire Ecosystem.

Here is a list of third-party products/services that will be present in the DCI Ecosystem for Investors to Execute their Investment ideas:

  • Artificial Intelligence/Robo-advisory
  • Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Risk Rating & Assessment facility
  • Personal wealth manager/Advisor Services
  • Escrow Services
  • Custodian Services
  • Notary Services
  • Accountancy and Legal Services
  • Audit Services

To unlock more secrets about DCI, please visit the DCI Ecosystem and register on the websiteRegister Here 

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