NEOXAG Stake up and invest in a community

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Hello and happy Tuesday and close to a week of no Steem, today I was able to pick claim few neoxag tokens. Not much but enough to earn some curation. Since the blockchain has been off its been insane.

These tokens are sure going to make Steem a wonderland of tokenization. Are you investing in these Scot tokens? Are you part of a community. Are you earning steem and such tokens?

This is not advised but if I were you I would invest in a few of these tokens and start like if steem was a week old newborn where everyone has the same chance in creating content and earning a place within the community you are vested in.

Neoxian Silver (NEOXAG)

Current Supply: 1,619,002.19999920

I am hoping soon I can do a Double your NEOXAG Stake. My goal by end of this month (Didn't happen last month.) is to hold 15,000 NEOXAG by buying and earning. Curation rewards are killer 50/50!! incredible manual curation is back online.

Let's build this community up!!

So far we have Pal , Leo , Weed , Battle , SPT and of course Neoxian City I really think you should put some money into these communities and find your place within them. There is no many more after the first update, Remember to pick tribes that you really want to invest your time in.

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Neoxian is an awesome community. Staking these coins now.

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I just bought a few today because I don't have a lot of steem. Good luck with your investment