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    Great and Wonderful Friday Morning Folks,    

      We start the last day of the week off with Gold trading slightly higher with the price at $1,285.90, up 70 cents as I watched London’s Algos force the natural price movement lower from the high of $1,287.60, as they attempt to push Gold below the low created so far at $1,283.90. Silver was not giving us the sell signal, till just now, with its trade at $14.755, down 1.8 cents at its low of $14.75 with the high at $14.83. These very low price movements are not doing anything to the currency trade as we observe our US Dollar not moving either with the price at 97.135, down 2.9 points inside another tight range between the high at 97.245 and the low at 97.095. Of course all of this was done before the Comex Open, at 5 am, and a few hours before the London close.     

      The Venezuelan Bolivar now has Gold priced at 12,842.93 proving a gain of 33.96 Bolivar with Silver’s trade now at 147.366 Bolivar, losing only .09 Bolivar cents during the overnight swing. Argentina’s Peso now has Gold valued at 58,187.51 A-Peso’s, gaining back 381.27 with Silver now pegged at 667.655 regaining 2.233 A-Pesos. We post these prices swings in order to keep the traders eyes on point. One day these huge swings WILL occur in the primary currencies, and that day is getting closer and closer.     

      May Silver’s Delivery demand count now stands at 328 contracts, with 100% of the funds already allocated and in position for the physical purchases with a Volume of 3 up on the board so far this morning. This proves a drop of only 38 receipts from yesterday’s count as the wait continues until there is no more physical to be had at these prices. There is a ton of non-movement everywhere in precious metals prices with the Overall Open Interest being stagnated with the count at 200,651 Overnighters proving 1,634 more shorts had to be added in order to “fake the price” as these Algos restrict virtually all movements in the “first currencies of the world” (Silver and Gold). It’s the Volume and Open Interest counts in the commodity sector that are controlling the prices, not supply and demand. This will change in time and most likely will be the last thing to be reversed. Then the Boom in price will happen.    

      Science Daily, a place where facts and math mean everything, is proving how bad fake news is as 2 questions were asked and measured; "We wanted to know whether offering information about the source of news matters for people's gut-level, automatic reactions," and the other point; "Does knowing that something is fake have lingering pernicious effects that can later shape and influence our thoughts and behavior toward the person (or conglomerate)? Our studies suggest that establishing credibility for news sources is the right policy to combat fake news." Researching those that claim to research for news services are proving that these services will continue to lose their viewers the more they obstruct various facts in order to sway a story away from reality (facts and math).     

      “China, China, China” has become the new chant for fake news as they continue to obstruct the facts with emotions. This chant replaces their old chant “Russia, Russia, Russia”, that has lost its allure since the media giants have beaten it into the ground these past 3 years. Our president is proving he is doing his best to get better deals than these past presidents, and today, Trump is proving he can be trusted by adding another level of tariffs on a few Chinese products as President Xi and friends, are starting to realize Trump means business! If China delays, we won’t, period! US Hikes China Tariffs After Talks Result In No Progress; China Vows To Retaliate.    

      Science Daily has really helped all of us out by writing up about our “Guts” that Bill Holter, Jim Sinclair, Bill Murphy, Chris Powell, pretty much everyone we know and follow, have been telling us for years! Follow Your Guts! It knows truth even if we can’t verbalize a reason. Have a great and wonderful weekend, Keep your savings in physicals, and follow your Guts! If you do, you too will …    

Stay Strong! 

J. Johnson  

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