The Millennial Falcon (Ag/AU) Returns on the Ides of March

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Good Friday Morning Folks,    

        Welcome to the early Morning Reversal where Gold turned on the shorts the very next day with the price now above the ($1,300) Maginot line at $1,303.20, up $8.10 and with the usual, close to the high of $1,304.30 with a low at $1,293.70. Silver is leading the charge (ok, barely) with its trade at $15.36, up 19 cents and only 3 cents off its high with a low at $15.165. It’s still NOT about the Dollar or our economic conditions or if it is, then the Algos are in some sort of funk with the US$’s trade at 96.675, down only 9.4 points with a low at 96.585 and the high at 96.775. All of this activity was done around 5 am pst and still before the Comex open. The Venezuelan calculations for Gold’s price now shows a value at 13,015.71 Bolivar, regaining some 51.93 overnight with Silver’s price now at 153.408, et tu (apropos for today’s Ide’s of March) regaining 1.198 Bolivar.     

      The March Silver Delivery Cycle carries on with the count now at 75 demands for physical with Zero Volume up on the board so far this morning, proving a drop of 122 contracts being settled out somewhere between here and that City in Chaos, England. At least the Overall Open Interest is proving something as the count lost another 1,240 contracts during yesterday’s pump and dump scheme giving us a total count of 187,171 Overnighters still in trade.     

      There are many approaches to Pumping and Dumping, one way to go is to remove a batch of short positions just before the closing count and then re-enter these positions during the next day’s trades (pumping and dumping) but then clear out more contracts just before the closing count is done again. This would also explain the High Volume count James Mc, from Le Metro Pole Café fame, talks about during the sleeping period the moment COMEX opens. I’m not saying this is happening, I’m just saying there are many possibilities which we will solve in time as the Ides of March moves on.    

      Next week is the Quad Witch Week and is another one of those apropos moments as we suspect the Mueller Witch Hunt to be ending with the real Witch Hunt publicly beginning. There are so many witches (and warlocks) out there this may be one of those expanding memes as Q has been on a rage posting so many points of interest admittedly I’m getting fuzzy eyed reading Lisa Page and Peter Strozk testimonies as we find out once again the medias version is as truthful as that of Chief Stolen Valor’s. The biggest Q post locked in my mind is his statement Yes. Gold shall destroy FED. This one post has a huge meaning for all of us and I still believe this is what we’re being directed towards, a free range Open Space without the Empires intrusions evaporating our valuables with their distorted accounting procedures in which only the collectors of debt, control it all, by printing what we earn, as they don’t earn but print.    

      There is simply no reason to be risking your hard earned life’s savings when the lies and deceits coming from banking and governments are only getting worse. Brexit, Italeave, the failings of Denmark’s government, Spain, Catalonia, Portugal, ah heck, the entire European Union is all collapsing, from within and right before our eyes and we're still nowhere rally wise in precious metals. Beware the Ides of March, The Witch Hunt, and next weeks “other” Witch Hunt; could this be what Q was intending? Probably not, but I can still see it going there, after all, it is obvious that the Entire Empire hates Silver and Gold like it hates the Millennial Falcon in the Star Wars Movies. For some divine reason, the Empire can’t seem to destroy the damn thing(s) and the trade proves Et Tu Brute (it too is brutal) … Have a Fantastic Weekend, enjoy the moments with a smile on your face and positive attitude in your mind, and as always …   

Stay Strong! 

J. Johnson  

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