Main Stream News Services and Kitco quotes get punked

in investing •  21 days ago

  Good Last Day of the Year Everybody!     

      Gold is giving us a smile this early morning after almost everybody that uses Kitco got a heart attack last night with their inabilities to immediately correct the pricing error which makes one wonder why their quotes were off for so long, with Gold now at $1,285.40, up $2.40 with a low at $1,279.70 (not $1,190 as was quoted) with the high so far at $1,286.50. Silver is up as well with the trade at $15.53, up another 9.4 cents with the high to beat $15.575 with a low at $15.39. The support for the US Dollar continues with its trade at 95.815 after dipping down to 95.685 before London came in, with the high at 96.07. All this was done some time way before 5 am pst. Under the Venezuelan Bolivar Gold is continuing to gain value with the price now at 12,837.93 Bolivar gaining another 46.94 over the past 48 hours with Silver gaining another 15.48 trading at 155.106 Bolivar (a $15 gain under the US Dollar is $75,000 per contract).      

      The January deliveries are moving forward with the count now at 1,021 demands for physical losing 8 from Fridays count with a volume of 1 so far on the board this morning. Silvers overall demands show an Open Interest count at 173,458 obligations proving only 66 Overnighters leaving the trade on a 12.5 cent gain, nice!

        We may have found the reason for the lack of news over the past week or so with most of the main stream media being shuttered with a virus over the weekend, supposedly by foreigners and I can hardly wait for Russia to be blamed again as the comedy continues. More news about the news seems to be exasperating the issues even more so as Der Spiegel news service is forced to suspend their “editor in chief” and “chief editor” for doing what the American Media has been getting away with for way too long now (except for Acosta). Can this viral shutdown be a heads up for those that create the news and not report the real? Probably not, but I can still wish it!    

      Italy was able to pass a budget to the liking of the European handlers but only after France made it obvious that they had more (financial) rights than Italy after the Yellow Jackets of France pummeled their government for weeks on end and noticeably, the French people are no longer main stream news (for now) as they tire from their rage. I don’t think this is over yet, this could easily be the inside of the eye of the storm.     

      Tumultuous times are here with almost every single western nation being affected by the lying press and the criminal elements within their governments going against the wills of their own people. And then Kitco misquotes on a Sunday night, showing that timing is everything these days and if one holds their wealth in hand and is their own bank, they will have nothing to worry about. Have a great and wonderful last day of 2018 and enjoy the half day of trade today, and tomorrows New Year Celebration. As always, we hope you …   

Stay Strong! 

J. Johnson    

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