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      I’ve been working on this Eurodollar thesis these past few days and have come across a slight roadblock, this is a huge (almost overwhelming) subject. Admittedly, the idea of how big this Eurodollar system is and what it may have been morphed into is too big for a singular article let alone several. I need more data and am having difficulty confirming multiple data points as I moved forward. The Vanderbilt article has started me on a new quest in identifying just how big of an issue the Eurodollar system may be. One thing for certain is the subject has many points with many seeming to be clouded.       

      The things I would like to confirm in the future will be about the actual size of the additional fiat currency flow that is outside the jurisdiction of our own laws and the actual size of this opaque system that has only expanded in size but not in understanding. Another point is how this instrument will react once the money comes home both domestic and abroad?     

      The Monetary Fifth Column: was an eye opener in more ways than one, it has bullet points giving me many more leads to more data, and there are many other points of fact to draw from too. Accuracy is vital and that must be first and foremost, which is why I am postponing. This article has sent me on a new quest, which will take time, to get a much broader understanding than I have already.    

Stay Strong! 

J. Johnson  

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I wonder if you are familiar with Jeffrey Snyder of Alhambra Investments. He extensively researches the Eurodollar and gives an online course about it, called the Eurodollar University. Link1: Link2:

Hello Myltle .. I am familiar with Alhambra's work with their advertisement on how to gauge the Eurodollar, but my work does not involve how to game the trade but how it may be removed from the system if the Federal Reserve is shut down with the printing of our currency going back into the control of the Treasury. That will remove the Eurodollar trade from our currency ...... thank you for reading
J. Johnson