Hold your STEEM real good, we may get a push here soon.

in investing •  last year

I didn't know who @warren.buffett was until I read how someone else had noticed the user. I had seen him before voting on one of my posts but didn't recognize the name because I honestly don't pay attention to who's who. I worry about my life, don't care much for who owns what company. Never been one of those to get too impressed with money.

But I do want to know who's voting for me so I checked him out and now I know he's supposed to be some billionaire investor, into insurance, journalism and other things. He's the Geico 15 minutes dude!

Now, the account hasn't really posted anything so we can't really question them on whether they are the real Buffett, I just don't think people would risk taking the name of a rich man...

It could be anyone, but I think it's him because now the account is charging up with Steem Power from all these different handles that I would totally invest in because it's just the smart thing to do. I dedicated about 15 minutes of research to this guy and honestly if anyone is smart to see the potential of the Steem blockchain it would be him.

These are not random name choices, this is genius investing, these are the handles that will be worth big very soon.

Take note guys, this is what vision looks like.

Steemit will do fine with or without him, but money like his injected into the system would make a lot of people happy. He did say he wanted to donate some of his wealth, this would be a good way of doing it in my opinion.

Warren, if you're reading this I'd like to get one or two of those handles as donation, if you care about giving then here's someone willing to take. Not your money though, your investment in Steemit is more valuable than any money you can show for.

I hope you don't mind me asking but why do you want to own the @thermite account? That does not look good, there are a couple of handles that are kinda funny.

Before this report starts sounding like an interrogation I want to let you know that you are welcome, even if it's not possible to gather as much wealth without crime, I believe in redemption and blockchains are a damn good start.

Your people didn't grant me the car insurance I requested about a month ago, ever since then the lizard commercials haven't been the same.

Would anyone be as dumb as to try to impersonate a man with so much influence? Maybe.

What do you guys think? Are the super wealthy finally ready to recognize Steem's potential?

Wanna buy cryptocurrencies with debit?

Banking within the US?

Don't have a wallet yet? This one's dummie proof!

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Very Int'resting... must be some kind of bug....


What's really interesting is less than 10 minutes into posting the user has voted for the publication.


You do know the truth about the account... don't you?


Absolutely not, haha.
Come on @papa-pepper, the suspense is killing me.


its a bot, it upvotes all my posts too


Sure the account may be automated, but that doesn't speak much of its owner.