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Daily Trends

Hi Timmians and welcome to another edition of TIMM Trends! We are working hard to make TIMM as useful for everyone as possible. For the same reason it is very important to us that you let us know how we are doing. TIMM is a community for all who have an interest in the markets. Young or old, knowledgeable or new to financials. We have a place for everyone and best of all its free. If you'd like to socialize with a mentor, come join our chat in the Trading Pits. Also, If you have more experience and would like to be a part of TIMM as a writer, then all you have to do is sign up and begin posting. If you have any doubts or concerns you may address them to me.
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Stock market indices, bubbles, crypto and one crazy economist - Part 1

by bitbrain

I mean: I read crypto news all the time, but sometimes I'm so shocked that my jaw just hangs open. This week's jaw hanging moment comes courtesy of Nouriel Roubini. For those of you unfamiliar with Nouriel...

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COLGATE PALMOLIVE COMPANY ( CL) Heavy falls in the months of February, April, so far in October.

by alexmorenoec

Es un placer darle la bienvenida al mundo de Colgate-Palmolive. El pequeño negocio de jabones y velas que William Colgate comenzó en la ciudad de Nueva York a principios del siglo XIX es ahora, más de 200 años después...

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Investment Perspective - A Crypto Reality Check

by scaredycatguide

It's funny, like most I have grown frustrated with the lack of price rise in bitcoin and the alt coins over the past several months. Granted, the joy of bitcoin not going down anymore was nice for a while, but now many are thinking - when the heck are you going to go up!?!

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BSTEEM: Doesn't look so bad lately...

by toofasteddie

Watching the whole cryptomarket the last few days I have to say that STEEM is not doing so bad lately. BITCOIN last drop has dragged all the altcoins but a few exceptions as TRON, which is losing -0.27% in the last 7 days and STEEM which is losing -3.7% and also some other minors sustaining and even having some green numbers as well (Maker, 0x...)

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Bitcoin Market Update: Price Spike Incoming?

by tradealert

In trading, there is this thing called a fractal. A fractal is basically this idea that patterns repeat on smaller and smaller patterns.

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