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Passive income...

We live in a world that runs on money! You need money to buy a house, to buy water, to buy food, to pay your taxes, to improve your health... Money runs and rules over almost all thing we have nowadays. It enslaves us to the current system. But people don't realize this...

People live their normal lives, wasting their money away in things that they don't need... in liabilities! They would rather buy a car that decreases in value the moment it leaves the car stand then to buy an asset, like a stock, a crypto, a bond, etc... that gives them passive income for the duration of the asset.

Passive income is freedom, freedom to choose what we want to do, freedom to choose when we want to do it, freedom from working a job that we don't want! Passive income is freedom! And this is what I'm going to look into today... passive income, to be more specific, STEEM passive income!


Where does STEEM fit into all of this? Well, STEEM provides passive income in many different ways.


Steem Power Hodler Inflation

If you hodl STEEM in the staked version, you get a percentage of the inflation straight to your SP wallet, this is passive income! You can get to a point in life where you hodl soo much Steem Power that you can live off of inflation...

Curation Rewards


Curation Rewards? But that is not passive... you must upvote posts to get the curation reward. No, you don't... I use Steemauto to auto upvote posts of people that I know write good content, I also use it to follow some curating trails of communities that I know provide good content, like the SteemStem trail, the Utopian Trail, the Curie trail, etc... This automates the whole process while also giving back to good, deserving members of the community.

Is this wrong? I don't consider it wrong since I know the people that I upvote on SteemAuto and I know that the trails that I follow only upvote good people. I can't be online 24/7 to upvote everyone that I want to. And even though I have many people on auto upvote, I still curate manually as much as I can and comment as much as I can.

Delegating SP


There are countless projects that you can delegate to, that provide part of their revenue to the delegators, if I had to choose I would go with @ocdb, mainly because of the way they whitelist, they don't accept everyone straight away and the team behind the project goes person to person to see if the user should be accepted into the project.


This is the one that I'm most interested at the moment! Steem has one of the widest and most loyal user bases in all crypouniverse! One post about a certain game and with the help of resteems the whole community finds out about the game, and a large part of the community plays the game. STEEM has some of the most used dapps in the whole cryptosphere. Most of the new STEEM games are trying to provide passive income to the players.

Let's first look at Steemmonsters!


Steemmonster doesn't have any passive income system at the moment, one must play the game and finish the daily quest and league to get cards to sell. But this is about to change! Soon, there will be a market where any investor can just buy a card and delegate it to players for some STEEM, this will provide an almost passive income for years to come!

I've stopped selling my cards because of this system, I would rather keep them and delegate them to other players that want to play.

Profit since the game started and before the delegation market comes online: 6.251 STEEM, 0.199 SBD



MagicDice provides Magic Tokens to delegators, players and reestemers. These Magic Tokens provide part of the game's revenue to hodlers. I'm not much into gambling games, so I mainly just resteem their posts to get some Magic Tokens.

Lately, MagicDice has been the target of much controversy because of the way they changed their token distribution. Even though I don't agree with the way they changed their token distribution midgame, I'm just going to take the opportunity to acquire more Magic Tokens.

Profit since the game started: -1.481 STEEM



I don't consider DrugWars passive income because one does have to play the game to get STEEM in return, and the game already has anti-bot systems that prevent bots from playing the game. So, it's impossible to make it passive. Still, I'll add it here, maybe in the future they will provide a better passive income system to the players.

Profit since the game started: 4.254 STEEM

What I've been doing and future plans

I've been removing my profit from DrugWars and putting some of it on MagicDice while powering up the rest, mainly because I don't like the way DrugWars is going as a game, I would rather get more Magic Token or buy more Steemmonsters cards, I trust in the Steemmonsters vision for the future.

In the future, I might delegate to the @ocdb project for some more passive income, but only after delegating to the various projects like @qurator, @sbi, @steem-ua that increase my posts payouts.

Even though I have other cryptos that give me passive income this post is only about STEEM and the many different ways that I know STEEM can be used for passive income.

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Question of the day: Do you know of any other ways that STEEM can provide passive income?

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Very cool. From those, I only play DrugWars and besides that, I also play SteemNova. The earnings are very tiny but hey, 0.14 Steem per week is still better than a kick in the ass. 😀


Forgot SteemNova...

Drugwars isn't really passive income, I wish the game had a card system or item system that one could buy and rent out. Imagine having a daily quest in drugwars that gave out cards, those cards would be something like "mob boss- ur units have 1.5x more attack" and you could just buy these cards and rent them out to other players. It would be really cool! It would be a whole new economy!

A livable and completely passive income from steem is a dream atm, except for guys like freedom XD


Have you done the math of how much freedom makes everyday? It's thousands of dollars, and we are deep in the bear market... I wish I was able to do the same.


I think, we all wish the same :D
But we doesnt need to think on that scale. How much money need for a simple life, each day? I mean, no lambo, but accomodation, food and clothes, the simple, normal needs.
Of course its depend on where you live, but in our country 7-800 usd enough for a month, whats mean, 25 usd per day its enough, and you dont have to get out of the bed in morning.
In case of steem, its right now 100k sp delegating to a bot (except curation reward). That is currently 50k usd.
Definitely not the "all money of the world".

Passive income, and full-life with passive income is not so superhard to reach. Yeah, need plans, and strictly acting, and keeping rules, learn how the money works, but its definitely reachable for a normal people too, dont need to be a lucky man.

And of course, it wont happen in one day. But the patient its worth.

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I've bought some steem monster cards about 4 months ago and still haven't played. i like your idea, just wait until you can delegate them out. Another useful tool for auto curation is by hogler80.


First time hearing about, I have no idea what it is but if you say it's worth it, I'll for sure look into it, it might be better than Steemauto for auto curation :)

Thanks for reading!


not as pretty and took me a little time to figure out but... check it out.

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Passive income is great but rewards for engaging and actually enjoying it is the other great piece of this all. Even the examples you provides are excellent sources! I often get rewards for playing Steem Monsters! Not many places we can do this these days!

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I see it has the two phases of our STEEM journey... we first engage, comment and curate we grow the ecosystem, and in the future when we are old and wrinkly we can live off of the passive income it provides and can diminish our engagement if we wish, leaving more of the reward pool for the new blood that will arrive

I will definetely check out steem-ua in the near future! As for me, will suggest one you use already: Actifit! Delegating gives you weekly payouts, and daily tokens. And you know I have a really good feeling about Actifit future! ;)


Just used it on my alt account @miniteut! 6k steps in a single run/walk, I really need to restart running and working out


I'm using actifit every time I do outdoor sports now, and I'm running and riding my bicycle at least 2 timer per week; when token market becomes a reality (and I think it will happen in a near future)... I'll get to 1000 SP in a heartbeat!


Don't forget me when you evolve into a big dolphin :D

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Thank you for including me!


You are welcome.