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Here's a coin to keep eye for this year & the near future.

SALT - (Secured Automated Lending Platform) enables you to put up your crypto as collateral in exchange for a cash loan.
This is an ideal format if you need to pay-off an unexpected expenses (think of an emergency) or want to make a big purchase (ex: down payment on a house/new vehicle/an actual Lambo?) without having to sell-off your blockchain assets.
SALT revolves around the company’s trademarked Blockchain-Backed Loans. (To my knowledge it’s only rival is the LEND coin)

Blockchain-Backed Loans are simply loans in which you hand over a blockchain asset( Bitcoin/LiteCoin/Ethereum/Dash & NEM) as collateral in exchange for traditional currencies.

This is the part i like that unlike traditional auto or home loans, you can use these loans for any personal or business expense.
In this day of age when emergencies arise at the drop of hat,this is actually a brilliant concept.

Which leads to the next point.

Collateral vs. Credit Score
SALT unlike traditional banks/lending organizations doesn’t use credit scores as a meter for your eligibility for a loan.
It strictly uses only your blockchain assets as your form of eligibility for a loan.


That in itself might be a huge game changer in the lending space as it will eliminate those credit agencies as a judge/jury for your eligibility .
(keep in mind they do a KYC and AML screening before so)

Do yourself a big favor & research this coin as it’s upside might be immense.
Though keep in mind this is a company in its infancy so expect a few hiccups
(To my knowledge its lending program is only available in the US as of now.)

Do your homework as it’s situation can improve or weaken due to any sort of regulatory action here in the US.

( Note: This is only my opinion & not financial advice. Consult your attorney/financial advisor in your personal finance matters.)


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