Maximize your SP delegation reward: Updates on 07 May 2018

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Relax! This update is only going to increase your current Steem Power Delegation Reward !

Hi, Steemians,

Thanks you all for your support @majack. Delegate your Steem Power to @majack and get maximum rewards. Here is how it works:

I am here to introduce a new transparent and sustainable service g to maximize your rewards on your investment at Steemit community. You may ask there are already numerous similar service on Steemit, why we need a new one? Here are the reasons: Most service currently running on Steemit has one of the following drawbacks:

  • It is not providing the maximum rewards you deserve.
  • It is over promising and under delivering the reward.
  • the reward calculated is not transparent and not assured.
  • lack of statistical data to prove what they promised.
  • difficult to communication with fully automated bots.

@Majack is provide a new service to change the current situation. Steemit is a blogging and social networking website that uses its Steem blockchain-based rewards platform for publishers. Thanks to the transparency of Steem blockchain, the way of reward generation and all users' activities on Steemit can be tracked and monitored, and this helps to solve all above problems. I have a ambitious plan in mind for build a transparent, sustainable bank to give everybody the maximum rewards and help you growth at the fastest rate on Steemit.

Here to maximize your rewards in a transparent and sustainable approach.

  • This service share 100% earnings with all investors.
  • The method of reward calculation for all service is transparent and proved to be maximum and sustainable.
  • Statistical data will be provided for all service.

Transparency & Sustainability for the maximum reward

From the steem python API source code (, the voting power used for each vote is calculated in the following way:

# determine voting power used
used_power = int((voting_power * vote_pct) / 10000);
max_vote_denom = props['vote_power_reserve_rate'] * (5 * 60 * 60 * 24) / (60 * 60 * 24);
used_power = int((used_power + max_vote_denom - 1) / max_vote_denom)

Due to the introducing of 'max_vote_denom ' at steemit, which currently equal to 50, each full voting cost 2.0098% voting power, 2% will go to post upvoted, and 0.0098% voting power will vanish. In each 24 hours, only 20% voting power will be recovered. Supposing the number of investor is N: The daily maximum reward in term of 'N_reward' times of delegated SP upvote value is calculated by:

N_reward = (20%-N*0.0098%)/2.0%

If N=1, N_reward = 9.946
if N=100, N_reward = 9.46
if N=200, N_reward = 8.97

Since this service share 100% earnings with all investors, All investors will be reward by additional bonus by multiplying their reward by:

N_reward = N_reward*(1+SP0/total_SP_delegation_received)

where 'SP0' is @majac's own Steem Power, 'total_SP_delegation_received' is the total amount of received steem power delegation. If @majack's own SP is 10% of the total received SP delegation, then the above reward will be increased by 10% for all investors, As @majack's SP growth, all the bonus will increase

Statistical data will be provided for reward payout

A daily reward report will be post at UTC 0:00, details all the reward to each investor. The format is as follow:

DailyReward Report

Steem IDSP DelegatedDelegated SP upvote valueRewardPost upvoted
@user 11000.0$0.26$2.6post upvoted(link) (Reward Option 1)
@user 21000.0$0.261.3 SBDpaid in SBD(Reward Option 2)

Please note, all values list on the table is based on the steem price at UTC 0:00, due to the steem price variation, you may see a slight different of between the reported values and the values shows on your post.

A Simplest way to check whether you get the right amount of rewared is to go toN_reward this calucator '', and input 'N_reward' times of your delegated SP value and check whether the reward shown in your post is equal to the calculated reward value from above calculator.

How the reward is paid?

As shown in the previous 'Daily Reward Report', there are two different options for the reward payment:

Option1 : If you have a post to be upvoted by UTC time 0:00, your post will be upvoted using equivalent of 'N_reward ' time of your delegated SP by UTC 0:00.

Option2 : If you don't have a post to be upvoted by UTC time 0:00 or @majack has not enough Steem Power to pay in by Option 1, you will get paid by Steem Dollar (SBD) directly by UTC 0:00. The amount of SBD is equivalent of 'N_reward ' time of your delegated SP upvote value payment by SBD.

For example, if you delegate 1000SP, and the return is 10 times, then you will get equivalent 10,000 upvote with value about $2.56 , since only 50% payment will go to SBD, so the amount of SDB is 1.28 SBD. Although it seems Option 2 pays only half of the reward value, but actually if you use the paid SBD to buy upvote from bots, such as @minnowbooster, you can easily get 2 times of the SBD you paid. By this way, you will get more reward in Option 2 compared to Option 1.

For Option 2, an equivalent APR interest is also provided calculated in this way:

APR% = SBD_paid/SP_delegatedSBD_market_price/Steem_market_price365*100%

Where 'SBD_paid' is the reward you got in SBD, 'SP_delegated' is you delegated SP, 'SBD_market_price' is the SBD market price(currently $3.58), 'Steem_market_price' is the Steem market price (current $4.25). Using the above 1000 SP delegation as example,

APR% = 1.28/10003.58/4.25365*100% = 39.35%,

How to participate?

Simple, just delegate your Steem power to me with minimum of 100 SP. I will do the rest and You will get daily reward .

If you have a any thoughts or questions, leave you comments below. I am not a bot, I will post everyday and I will response to your question in very short time.

Please be noticed the minimum Steem Power delegation start from 100 SP ONLY!

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