PREDICTION: Virtual Reality Will Affect Property Prices

in investing •  5 months ago

In this slightly "out there" video, I'll be discussing how improvements to VR might eventually affect property prices in the future as more people are able to work from remote locations, and people invest more time (and potentially money) in the digital realities that they build for themselves.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.

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I think VR can definitely have this effect on real estate, but in addition it could also affect gas prices and other means of transportation.

With more people working from home, it could be a big benefit for many reasons. Less overhead since you no longer pay for cube space and office expenses...which in turn could pass savings down to customers. VR could be a great thing...


Great points! Hadn't thought about effects on gas prices :)

You are absolutely right brother on this, virtual really will shape the price of property like house and the nearest future due to location. And digital currency out there has gotten a lot of people attention now and more of it will be witness in the nearest future.

Essentially I think this could mean scales of balance can shift. While people the real in city appreciates as more people move in them and conversely the real estate in towns that are abandoned, depreciate.

With VR people can have more choices as in - 'where do they want to work from?'. The real estate prices around the work hubs of the world can stop rising and maybe the prices of other places might stop falling as people choose to stay in their towns and work using a VR rig.

So instead of just prices falling we might have a more balanced distribution of real estate prices - just something to think about.

PS: I think this was an excellent topic to make a video on. Frankly I never thought of effects of VR from this perspective.

VR, I mean much advanced than what we have today, is exciting and at the same time scary. As you said “will you get eventually confused about what is reality?”. At the same time if used in property, I personally am completely up for it. When my wife had been looking for our new house, she was able to look at mostly two houses a day. With advanced VR she could see much more exciting n much shorter time. Not that we didn’t eventually made the right decision, but she had spent 2 months and had seen about 40 houses to finally find the right one. I’m not sure if it lowers the property prices or not, but it definitely will be very useful tool.

My internet connection sucks right now to stream. But from the topic alone, I can already get the angle you might be coming from, but I see it as a downswing. Am i right?

technology can change the world

Hey @louisthomas I am from India will these property related problems will be faced by a country India with 1.3 billion population

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Nice post
Good luck

Interesting perspective. Found it mind-opening.