Crowdsourcing Investment Opportunities using the Personal Curator Model

in investing •  5 months ago

One of the problems many investors have is the ability to discover good quality projects that they are interested in that they can invest in.

I think I have a good solution to this!

I have been building a project for steem that gives you a feed that is curated specifically for you based on your voting habits. (If you want an in-depth view on how it works or to try it out check out this post.)

This project uses an algorithm that I am developing that I am calling the "Personal Curator Model" (name suggestions welcomed). This algorithm analyzes your voting behavior and compares it to everyone else in the network and tries to find people that vote similarly to you. These people are your "personal curators." You are now given suggestions (your feed) based on what your curators recommend. Depending on how you react to these suggestions your curators will be ranked on how well they predicted what you would be interested in. The curators that do the best have a bigger influence on your recommendations. (note: the curators have no idea that they are curating for you or for anyone else for that matter. They simply vote on what they like and if their votes are good recommendations for you, they will become one of your curators without them having to do anything)

This has been working very well for me as applied to my steemit feed. I am getting great suggestions to articles that I never would have found otherwise. The great part is, it just keeps getting better and better over time!

I realized today that this same algorithm could easily be applied to finding good projects to invest in. The problem is that unlike the steem blockchain, there isn't a record of everyone's investments that I can apply this algorithm to. I need a network of people that share their portfolios and recommendations and in return everyone will receive recommendations for new projects to invest in.

I haven't worked out all the details yet but it wouldn't take much to put this network together. I just need people that want to try it out. All I need to begin with is you portfolio. Which projects have you invested in.

Is anyone interested in this? Let me know in the comments and if I get enough interest I will put it together!


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