Uthena's Value Proposition for Alternative Investors that Missed Google and Facebook

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Are you an alternative investor who missed investing in Facebook or Google?

One of those big companies, and you've looked back and said, "Man, I wish I could find something like that,"when it's in progress. If you're investing in startups, you might love investing with us in Uthena, we have just become available for investments. And I'll go through and show you the value proposition for it right now.

I imagine whichever company rather issue stina or any other whichever company solves the problem of having one website where it's easy to earn and spend money, I imagined that company as the chance to be the most valuable company in the world. And from what I see it will be a startup similar to how Facebook did with Social Media, or Google did with search that will build this and I see how to build it.

The area I need help with is financing for developing the platform itself. So let's take a look at the two pages I've prepared for investors to explain what Uthena is, what problems that solves the business plan and the history of the existing company.

I'm Jerry Banfield, I'm the founder of Uthena, I've had a business online for almost eight years, I've chosen to set this up for investors as a company that takes in my existing company.

I'm converting my single member LLC that I started in 2011 that has everything for my entire business online, I'm converting that into you Uthena Inc, and then accepting investors via selling Stock that way, if that means when you invest with Uthena, with me, that means you're investing in a company that already has eight years of history without ever hiring any employees.

All of us as contractors and followers, everyone that is collaborated to make this happen is produced the following current assets that we have now in the traditional sense, these aren't assets like real estate, they are digital assets.

For example, my YouTube channel, I'm grateful today I'm a full time youtuber and founder of Uthena, that's what I focus on. And we've got over 280,000 subscribers on the channel over 15 million views and about 4 million people reached for free every month on YouTube, millions of followers on Facebook and hundreds of thousands of more on other platforms.

All of these platforms are included with the company.

Therefore, buying a share with my company includes all of the income from everything I do online, including this platform, I'm developing Uthena.

The main asset we've got that's actually made the most money is a Dropbox folder with 150 plus video courses, which have made millions in sales and 100 plus thousand more projected within the next year just from this Dropbox folder and having the courses up alone.

We also have a membership group and a lot of smaller, smaller assets that make a big difference for the business thus, investing with me Uthena is not investing in something that is just getting started. This has an established history of now over a half million dollars in profits since 2015. over whatever that is 1.5 million in revenue since 2015. And this year, I used all of my previous experience to start Uthena and do some critical business model research to see which angle we wanted to come at this and what would be the most successful approach, that research has yielded the idea that we want to focus on just building the platform.

We don't want to be an - Learning Company. Also, that was a very valuable thing to figure out right at the beginning for the entire development and trajectory of where we're going.

As being an E-Learning Company adds a lot of additional complexity that doesn't make sense to have for you Uthena figure that one out with some in depth research also launched the platform, we have 18,000 initial users all for free with organic traffic. And that is a huge that's what is hard for most startups. And I say startups as a new Uthena itself is a new domain.

However, I'm able to promote it with everything I've got online the Uthena Inc founder story me I've got the simplified version of here in this probably a ridiculously long one on my homepage, I dropped out of my criminology PhD program in 2012. After starting my business in 2011. I ended up serving hundreds of clients with Facebook and Google ads and social media marketing, organic content strategies in 20 plus countries.

At that point, I moved into teaching online on Udemy where the millions of dollars in sales were made and over 600,000 and income on Udemy alone, I became a top 10 instructor before a mysterious final ban, which the story I'm choosing to tell about that is that the universe wanted me to do something else.

And as long as I was on Udemy, I wouldn't have the chance to make Uthena that today. Between now and the Udemy ban I promoted to cryptocurrencies, both of which ended up having over a $500 million market cap increase from the time I got involved to the time I exited and stopped promoting.

That is a total of over a billion dollar valuation increase I was extremely effective in my promotional efforts for both dash and steem. And both took a big dive downwards after while dash took a went up farther after I stopped making any new content.

But my existing content continued promoting it, steem took a massive dive down after I said I was no longer promoting it. And thus, we've got to Uthena now where this is my biggest idea, this is the idea I've had for seven plus years in my head. This is what the world needs the most. And I'm in a perfect position to deliver it.

Let's look at now this is the history and what the company I'm accepting investments in currently includes.

Next the business plan.

This is the business plan for Uthena at the executive summary, which I probably should have done like five minutes ago is this.

We're developing a database website, mobile app and TV app where anyone can make a profile, send messages, networking groups, published free content, buy and sell courses or any other similar offering like membership groups, work higher for service and build an entire business all in one place, which has the benefits of organic traffic and affiliate marketing.

Nothing like this exists online. And I see this exact idea as having the potential to be the most valuable company in the world because it solves a very hard problem that no one is solving directly right now.

It solves the problem of where do I go online to make money? And where do I then once I make money on that platform? How do I spend it? Right now there's lots of platforms that help people spend money, Amazon's great if you got a wallet and you want to unload it Amazon and lots of other websites will help you spend money. But how do you make money on Amazon. And if you want to build a business, there's almost no website in the world that makes it easy for you to build your entire business in any direction as an entrepreneur online.

Amazon's extremely restrictive in terms of you have to sell products according to their guidelines. If you want to sell an online course, you want to offer services that you can't build that trying to sell on Amazon.

Same thing on all the rest of the websites there extremely restrictive, none has been built with this clear objective I've got in mind. And there's some amazing things that can be done with this, even with just a bare bones functional version. And the 18,000 users we already have plus a little investor capital, there's some incredible things we can do like influencer marketing at scale, where and not even influencer, just paying thousands of people smaller amounts of money to write content, make videos, do podcast episodes about Uthena.

I see there's huge potential to do something like this. And the version I haven't my head is unbelievable a company that maybe in five or six years that you could say, look, I've got $2 million, I want everyone to be talking about this new company, and you could pay maybe 100,000 people $20 to go do a video or a post about it.

You've you've never seen anything like this before I see how to build it, I see how to put it together. And I'm so excited. I've seen this for seven years. But I didn't have the experience when I first saw it to do it. Now I do and I'm ready to go.

The key thing we need help with for investors from an investor for capital is this building the actual Uthena and maintaining the platform. Now in the event, I'm able to just bootstrap this myself and make an extra hundred thousand a month profit my business then I will just build this myself.

However, this is something I imagined I could use help with. Because the time to build this is right now. Hiring a development team is a big commitment in terms of expense up front. And it's an ongoing commitment in terms of cost to continue evolving the platform. Thus, the invitation to invest.

The Uthena core features that can deliver what I just talked about are right here.

Allow any user to create a profile that can message join groups and earn money on referrals. The earn money on referrals is critical to allow everyone to participate. The ability to message and join groups has the basic functionality that is the core of success on Facebook.

Facebook does basically messaging news feeds and joining groups. That's the core of Facebook. That's we're building a simplified core version of Facebook that has a critical two critical features that are not on Facebook. And it's not practical, as big as Facebook is for them to make a change like this, although Facebook may go in this direction at some point. And the bigger your company is you might ask well, why aren't other companies on top of this? Why wouldn't Facebook do this?

It's like a train, it takes a long time to change and redirect a train that's moving very fast, especially if the track continue just runs in a certain circle. You literally need to rebuild Facebook might do something like this in the future, though.

But from Facebook's point of view, since it wasn't built like this, there'd be a whole lot of complexity in executing this whereas for a new platform, it'd be pretty easy.

The key thing to do is to empower profiles to publish content, and set pricing on everything created as free or paid.

This is the critical element where you start to allow anyone to build an entire business online when you publish on Facebook as the person privacy settings are only public or they're only for friends or you can do groups and such.

On Facebook when you publish content there's no option to set rather it can be free or paid and make money off of what you post directly. Maybe there will be in the future. However it doesn't seem like Facebook is releasing that anytime soon but maybe with their cryptocurrency they will and maybe when we show how to do this right Facebook will want to buy the company.

Then the next step on here is how do we earn money you I haven't shown you anything that earns money until now. Now we earn money once people can set pricing on anything is paid, then Uthena earns a percentage of all those sales, and also offers things like profile upgrades and sponsored content.

Imagine an individual user being able to make a post and sponsor that content to go out in the news feed very similar to Facebook, especially when combined with things like profile upgrades. On Uthena will handle the username URL, for example. And to allow that any top level URL would need to be a profile upgrade. And there's lots of opportunities to earn money on that.

Then the next core feature is to be able to set profiles to be available for hiring and make offers to hire other profiles. This is where when you combine the three of these features, you empower one person to go on publish content, sell courses, and then pay for upgrades on Uthena. And you allow that same person to be hired for services, hire others. And this is what truly makes Uthena exceptional be and this for Facebook, for example, to set this third option. And this second option would probably be pretty difficult or unrealistic to say that they will be able to do that.

Thus, these two, key features combined allow someone to build an entire business online, all in one place all on Uthena and the value proposition that I think is amazing is this. Our vision for you theme is for anyone online to be able to sign up, earn money and spend money in the same place. For example, or user with no banking or credit cards can sign up, work a few freelance jobs, earn $100, then hire somebody else locally to go buy their groceries.

This user would never have to actually withdraw or deposit any money on the platform, they could simply come in work and have someone else near them who did have a bank account and could withdraw, go do a service for them. And that's where this has massive global potential, especially in developing countries where there's lots of people who'd like to work, but who don't have things like credit cards and bank accounts to be going and using a lot of the web sites we have today.

Thus, Uthena that comes massive value proposition is considering those users who are overlooked by other websites especially and helping those users to earn money. From a potential employers point of view. This also means access to a labor pool that is ignored or not available on other websites.

Finally, the last part we look at, here's the key steps for building the entire platform. first hire a development team.

And this I'm already in the process of looking for the lead developer, if you've got any clues or any suggestions, the key to getting Uthena built successfully Uthena built is to get a lead developer that can do a good job.

Hiring individual developers and putting the big picture together to allow us to make the most effective platform for the lowest cost both in terms of to get it functional. And to build it into another level.

Then, the next step is to test the core features to make sure they work how I see them working in my head.

And just do that off of organic sources. We already have enough users to do this. And I imagine as we keep getting more users every day.

Then we will be ready once we've got the platform tested to do some ads on Facebook, Google and YouTube to get that initial strong foundation of Early Adopters, maybe a million plus users or so. And once we've got that, it'd be very easy with maybe another round of funding and a much higher valuation to then put some serious marketing money into the people that are already on our platform.

And do things like I talked about before have say a project for $100,000 where we'd pay maybe 10,000 people to get on the platform $10 to do a video and upload it on Uthena first and then upload it on other places to talk about Uthena and the the positive reinforcement loop from that is likely to be ridiculous as you've got tons of people talking about Uthena getting friends and family interested making money on those referrals.

Then the key struggle at that point is to keep Uthena a personal platform, and to not need something like a trust and safety team which goes in bands users and fails on that basic level of communication.

The fifth key step is Labeling users and Uthena as account managers. This keeps a very personal connection all the way to the top where I talk with the first level and hierarchical organization so to speak, where every single user has a direct path to the entire rest of Uthena via an account manager.

This way, instead of users being bandwidth of account managers that work individually with each user to ensure the best overall experience for everyone for and for example, instead of just take banning users, like many websites do today at the drop of a hat or just for no reason at all, or because we don't like you.

We have account managers work with users and say, "Hey, the way you've got your service written causes us problems with the whatever this certain issue over here, can you please edit your service so that we can have it on our site and not caused problems with this?" That way everyone is understanding why the rules are the way they are and just being guided into a successful cooperation with the whole.

At this point, I imagine the growth of Uthena going just crazy. Managing the growth being the biggest problem and challenge as to how do we keep these account managers on top of all these new users. At that point, an initial public offering will be the thing to do, and allow the public to invest and then with the capital that comes in from that will be able to do a huge round of funding back to the users on Uthena.

And at that point, we will be at the level where almost everyone in the world that will be aware of Uthena I have the same kind of brand reaching impression that something like Facebook and Google do today.

This is my plan for Uthena, and I'm so excited that you've watched all of it. I trust if you want to year all the way here at the end. And if you want to get a hold of me for this and you've got someone you can go over to the contact page on Uthena.

We've got our customer support and you can send a message to Michel also about investing. You also have the option to request a one on one call with me and you can Tweet me I've also on the website Jerry Banfield.com I've got the same contact information on here probably should have put this up front to but I didn't.

So this is a deep look inside you seen it and the investment opportunity here. I imagine that this has been helpful for you since you've stuck around all the way to the end.

I'm very grateful for all the time you've spent here with me. I trust that if you haven't already you'll join the Jerry Banfield family on YouTube smash that subscribe button and click the notification bell if you actually want to be able to see new videos.

You also can join us on Facebook by following and if you really want to see posts make sure to hit see first on your newsfeed and turn all those notifications on.

And if you want the best experience with me join that partner program Jerry partner we have weekly group coaching calls you get one on one calls with me at based on whichever option you choose. And a private Facebook group. I love you You're awesome I'm so grateful you made it all the way to the end.


Jerry Banfield

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