Block Capital Insider! "CryptoCurrency Value Investing Program"

in investing •  last year

I have been lacking in the steemit world for about the last month or so and this is why, 

My new business, 

Block Capital Insider and our first product, "The CryptoCurrency Value Investing Program."

More to come!

Talk soon, 


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Very interesting.
Missed you brother, welcome back :)


Thanks Mark. Excited to be able to spend some more time back on Steemit in the coming months. Quiting my job at the end of the month, and then its just school full time, so I will have much more time to play around of here with everyone. Sorry to hear about how your situation is unfolding with your little one. Praying for you all!


It's good to have you back, looking forward to reading more about this business :)

Regarding Marley, it will be fine, their threats might be something to worry about if we lived in a house. We are off next week so by the time they get their shit together we will be on a beach somewhere sitting around a campfire :)



Hell yeah buddy!