Stellar Chart Analysis > 4.0 Reward/Risk Ratio on this Trade (Great Opportunity)

in investing •  last year

This is why I am long STR atm.
A target of a moderate retracement to the 50 percentile on the Fibonacci Retracement with a stop loss at 1034 gives a Risk/reward ratio of 4.14
A leveraged trade here has a lot of potential I believe....

Take a look at the chart below yourself...the positive swing is already in effect after 40 minutes after made this chart. And the trading volume is going to pick up as the day starts. I've taken a leveraged long position.

Screenshot 2017-06-30 02.53.06.png

I just made this analysis 30 minutes ago, and the market is forming the upleg as I hoped. Great money to be made in this trade as Stellar is extremely undervalued at the moment.Screenshot 2017-06-30 03.37.28.png

Feel free to resteem, follow me for future opportunities,

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nice one - i will have to check out STR.. good bounce of that support. if its a short term trade you could take some profit off the table around 1250 I reckon.


Yeah definitely look, its looking even better in the last 30 mins....a pretty big green candlestick up, and trade volume is increasing...I think its about to boom.

Might be a good idea to take a small bit of profit, but I am probable thinking this might be a swing trade. I'm hoping for the full 50% retracement.

You could have a winner here.


I think I may....its continued upward for over an hour now, trade volume is increasing, and its going into buying....and its about to hit the time of day where trade volume goes up. :)

I think you will do sooo good in your trade, good luck

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I agree, xlm is surely undervalued especially because it is xrp+

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