Up Over 20,000% - Crypt0's Top Cryptocurrency Picks (Over 40 Coins!)

in investing •  11 months ago

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Amazing Omar. Thank you so muc for sharing. Greaat post. Yoi are the best. Cheers mate. Congrats on those super gains.

I believe LTC will overtake BCH eventually in market cap, and maybe even price. One other coin to look is at Vertcoin, which is compatible with LTC and BTC for atomic swaps!!

Not only that, but VTC is one of the few coins that is ASIC resistant and can still be mined with GPUs.

Hey crypt0,
Very interesting read, Thanks you for sharing it!


ouh indeed - happy to have discovered Omar's Youtube channel to crosscheck ideas!

btw, recently did the post about top cryptoexperts to follow and @crypt0 is one of the featured people there ;) - 40 Best Blockchain Influencers & Cryptocurrency Experts To Follow in 2018 (On SteemIt Too) - http://bit.ly/2AdNCn0

20,000 WAHHHH!

ETH is my top holding too, Love etherdelta too

i saw this video and i liked in your post sir ....may be i reasteam you sir

newly ...cryptocurrency is adding..
thank's for sharing your update...

thank you....@Crypt0

may be a question sir???

Great post! When this guy speaks, I listen. He does his research, obviously.

I'm new into cryptos and already have a 1,000% return on my portfolio. I was hooked immediately on my first buy. I still haven't decided whether to consider it a productive hobby or an addiction!


Cryptos are a drug... move over heroin, there is a new kid in town!

Awesome watch dude!
VERI to the moon!

I thought steem would be the one to boom, sbd is fine with me though...
I am still learning crypto every day and I uses your channel to boost my progression. I never thought I would have investments in any coin till I joined steemit. Your channel is the relaxing crypto news channel every one needs
Thank you,
Are you nervous about the internet neutrality vote?


The fact that we have to go through this Net Neutrality crap basically every damn year is just ridiculous... The internet is a public utility and the corporations that think otherwise can go blow themselves.

hey crypto sad you are not making text post, so we can grab your precious information from text, not all can watch videos while working :)

Hey my friend @crypt0 that's great content and very interesting read I appreciate your post 👍

Thanks my friend for the information in the featured video with a brilliant work 👌

excellent post ..loving to your blog.thanks for sharing..

quantstamp all the way! wooot! thanks for the video.

Thanks for your share. Great post@crypt0...

Where do you keep all these coins? I am sure you cannot fit all of them on the ledger nano.