Don't Get Played: Cryptocurrency FUD is Robbing You of a Lifetime Opportunity!

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I know it's easier said than done, but seriously...don't panic!

Even if you're regretting that you "could have gotten out" of Bitcoin at $20,000 or Litecoin at $350 or whatever it is...relax! Getting out at this juncture simply makes no sense.

Rather, wait for the cryptocurrency market to make a bounce-back, because they will. Consider that public interest in cryptocurrency related news is at an all-time high. That sentiment has driven companies like Robin Hood to open up their own cryptocurrency trading platform.

Do you think major blockchain platforms and digital investing exchanges are going to sit back and let that happen? Of course not! They're going to respond, and respond fiercely.

The volatility that we're experiencing in Bitcoin and other altcoin assets is simply government and banker generated FUD, or fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

Don't get played by these bastards!

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I agree the same @bullishmoney

Exactly. My only problem is I’m out of cash to pump in more. Some of the coins I’m interested in is a pretty good buy. If it’s still the same in a few days. I’ll be hitting it hard.

Nice post..Thanks.

Yeah man !!! Just HODLING works now . Let all the panic and weak hands get out of crypto market .

Thank you so much for giving this useful information in the form of giving link. I was looking for information about cryptocurrency.You don't believe that how much you are useful for us because you are giving us cryptocurrency news every day. I love the way you are sharing your knowledge with us.
That's why I'm coming on your profile again and again. Keep sharing such news with us. :)

I hope it keeps going down...its a win, win in my opinion.

I get to buy more satoshi at a cheaper price and these shitcoins get to start dying in the fire where they belong. The cryptocurrency market as a whole is in desperate need of a "separation of the chaff and the wheat".

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