Buying Some Steem Engine Tokens

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At the moment, am having my third coffee while trading some tokens on ([ As you can see on the screenshot above, I don't own much tokens. I only started accessing this website this week, I wish I wasn't so reluctant on using my steemit log-ins but who is to blame? So many websites and dapps are popping now that it's hard to tell which to trust your passwords.

Thanks to @nathen007 for letting me know about this website (that was a month ago, was it?) and thanks for the free #leo token ;)

Btw, there so many smt's, and a lot of them are free to get, you don't need to spend a penny, I advice you read about it. One of the tokens am trading right now and thinking to buy more is #malians, #sports. I got some free marlians, I didn't have to pay for it or send any steem. I think when you use the tag you earn some tokens, just like rest. Although you have an option to buy the tokens and just hold it until the price goes up or you do online trading.


You can see the first #marlians token is on red which a good time to buy. Though I wish I bought it when it was at. 02 I think.

I transfered some steem and sold some other tokens that are on green above 30% gain to buy some #malians. Am also planning to buy some #sports token since soon and when #afitx price goes down a little.

Right now, am buying 10,000 #marlians in different prices.

Am planning to buy other tokens once I get some more steem soon! ;)

Now, back to work.

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Good choice ! :) 💙
GodSpeed ! 💙 ♬♬

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good luck on that.
i don't even have a single Marlians.
I'm focussing on creativecoin and other free coins.

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Thanks 😉 I think I got lucky enough

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LOL you would be late to your own funeral but well done for joining the fun eventually ;-)

Lol She'd probably need one last coffee before she goes, never rush a woman or it will be your funeral


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Welcome to the club, it's a whole new world of possible rewards and with steem at less than $0.20 its a great time to be staking up

Just choose the ones that suits your passion, it can be art, music, general topics, sports, games, science, etc. @purepinay
#marlians is a good choice because of @surpassinggoogle and I hope that @ned could delegate to him again so he can do more for the steem blockchain
#neoxian is a general topic tribe too as well as #palnet

niice!! get those tokens :)

any source article about marlians token?

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I think I found a new hobby. ☺️🤔 Now to figure out the rest.

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Not sure if I have enough tokens here.. Let's check

Here's for you @meditations


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Woot - thanks. Just brought my first eng tokens too. Time to see what I can do

coffeea Lucky you @meditations here is your COFFEEA, view all your tokens at Vote for c0ff33a as Witness

Aw there ya go

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Congratulations @purepinay!
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