A conscious look at the markets or Why am I invested in Steemit

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You are lucky. Very very lucky. And I hope that by the time you finish reading this post you will clearly understand why.

But first let me explain why I am writing on Steemit and why I have such affinity towards the idea of decentralized social networks. The moment I came across Steemit I knew that this system is something I'd want to be involved with.

Look at the world around you, what is going on, what is the common denominator of every struggle in every system in our lives?

It is the fight for power.

Everyone around us – people, organizations, ‏institutions - are fighting to gain more power or to preserve their powerful status. But we are living in times when the paradigm shifts and people begin to claim back their own strengths. More than that, people begin to understand that power is an illusion. There is really absolutely no need to have power in order to have what you desire. With this understanding comes the shift in the systems. Old structures that have based their existence on power begin to dissolve. Look around you – old ways to produce energy (oil/gas/mining) are shifting; religious institutions that derive their existence from control over others are shaking towards collapse, and will continue to even more so, in 2018; and of course, the markets. Old financial markets that are based on corruption, manipulations, lies, greed (which all are forms of power) went through a tremendous shift (in 2008) and now facing the biggest treat on their existence. Justly so.

The more people are awake and claim their independence the more it becomes clear to them how they have given it to external forces. When they realize this, they get angry at first and immediately demand to claim it back. Every old system that is based on taking power from others is now going through a process of change. The same goes for the internet and its giants. Social media platforms that are based on centralized source/hub which draw power (money, time) from its parts (users) will not exist in the new world unless they change. And what about Steemit? This is the new world. As long as Steemit remains decentralized, not based on taking power from others, it will flourish. As long as Steemit spreads information with full trust in its parts (individuals), it will flourish. Steemit and its likes are the bedrock of the new social online interactions. This is a future which is based on self-sovereignty and I choose to be a part of it. This is why I put my money where my mouth is and invest in Steemit.

Now, let's look at the crypto markets and I will show you how lucky you are, all who are involved in it right now, in the midst of this red bleeding value descents.

I spoke about power. Try taking the power from people and what will they do? Fight back. This is what we are seeing right now, right before our eyes, like a magnificent scene from a star-wars movie. Two forces are battling with all their arms; All in. The old empire with its troops - the old financial institutions, banks, insurance companies, governments, firms – against a community of believing rebels, crypto developers, crypto traders, crypto hodlers.

Crypto currencies are about freedom, and you are fortunate because right here, right now, you have a golden opportunity, once in a life-time chance, to free yourself. Freedom is the ultimate goal that a human can strive for. True freedom will bring you everything you desire and more, but mostly it will bring you sovereignty and yourself. Finally.

But there's a catch.
You cannot claim freedom from someone else, from your government, from people, not even from the financial markets. Holding 100 bitcoins will not give you freedom if in your mind and heart you are still slaves. And this is exactly what this magnificent battle is all about – slavery vs. freedom.

You begin to be truly free if you release your agenda about the outcome of your investments and give in to an utterly, indisputable, trust. Trust in what? Trust that YOU will always support YOU, regardless the value of your investments. This IS the true meaning of Hodling. It's not a naive hope that the value of your bitcoins/alt coins will rise again. Rather it's the releasing of any agenda as to their value. The more you trust, the freer you are. The freer you are, the more magic appears in your life.


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If you are afraid to lose your freedom you are not really free.

If you are afraid to lose your freedom you are not really free.

If you are afraid to lose your life savings and money then get out of the markets right now. Stay outside and get back in only when you have released any agenda, when you trust. There is no other way to know this truth without experiencing it firsthand.

At the end of this epic battle there will occur a split. Two systems will exist next to each other oblivious of each other. Some will choose to remain in the comfort zone of the old, living under control and fear. Others will boldly make the leap to a brand-new system.

Where will you choose to be?

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Thanks for this valuable information.

This is the new world. As long as Steemit remains decentralized, not based on taking power from others, it will flourish.

You are totally right. It is growing very fast.

“We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.”
—William Faulkner


Love that quote! 👍

I have selected your post to be included in my "Diamond in the Rough" series. It's goal is to promote high-quality posts made by new steemians (red fish and minnow) thereby helping them get the exposure they need to grow and thrive within the Steemitverse. You may check the related post at @sandalphon few hours from now.


I appreciate it. Thank you sandalphon👍

עם הזמן, ככל שיצטרפו יותר אנשים לסטים הפלטפורמה הזאת רק תגדל ותשתפר והערך שלה יגדל בהתאם


כמו בכל רשת מבוזרת קהילתית זה תלוי בנו.

מזדהה מאוד עם מה שכתבת מה שקוסם לי בכל ההתפתחות הטכנולוגית הזו זה השחרור מכבלים של שלטון. אם כי אני לא בטוח שהרעיון של יותר חופש משלטון של מיעוט מנהיגים קוסם גם לאנשים אחרים.

אתה מאוד צודק!
זה מוציא אותם מאזור הנוחות ובדיוק בגלל זה אנחנו רואים מאבקי כוחות אדירים.
אם תיסע קצת לעתיד תראה שהמאבק הוכרע. הביזור, החירות, העוצמה האישית ניצחו. ועכשיו אנחנו פשוט רואים את הדרך שהגענו לשם, לעתיד.
ולכן - החכם בעת ההיא

הודל ברור! וברגע שההשקעה מזופתת שעשיתי בטרון (TRX)תחזיר את עצמה אני מעביר את הכסף לסטים פאוור

I do believe every words you have say. It will take the time that need but eventually will change everything...Love blockchain...Love Steemit


.. But not as long as we might be used to from the past. Things are happening very fast these days.