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Multimine is a cloud mining company with international facilities which constitutes cutting edge mining devices and experts in the crypto field. Offering on demand crypto mining ability for users, Multimine allows flexible capital management among cryptocurrencies to be mined, instant withdraw opportunity, hash power allocation and track mining status with dynamic return predictions.

With Multimine, cryptocurrency mining is just a few business steps for any user to start in seconds with ease. Here's how to get started mining in the blink of an eye.
Register for free
Click here to create a free account in less than a minute. We do not require Know Your Customer (KYC) at any step.
Choose a currency and plan
Mining Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dash, Monero, or ZCash with any desired hash power
Tracking and managing mining

Multiminine is one of the few cloud mining platforms that offers multiple coin mining opportunities with its variety of crypto algorithms. Users can mine any coin on the platform; manage their mining plans at any time, or distribute the hash power they bought between coins that are constructed on the same algorithm.

No minimum or maximum amount restrictions for capital mobility.
No time limits for return withdrawal & capital injection.


Hashpower Allocation
Users can distribute their purchased hash power among cryptocurrency based on the same algorithm, ensuring maximum profitability. We support & encourage our users to take personal initiatives.

Hack-Free Proven Security
Multimine cloud mining service, which has never been hacked since its first day of service, takes priority in protecting the capital of users with high security measures & investing on software.

Modern & Simple User Interface
User experience is very important in crypto space. In this heated competition among our competitors, we offer the best mining experience with our most modern and easy interfaces.

Multi Algorithms For Many Coins
Multimine supports multi coin algorithms which gives users the flexibility to mine a variety of coins through the same platforms. We support SHA-256, X11, EtHash, CryptoNight, Scrypt and more.

Daily Return Collection
Platform wallet is updated on daily bases with the accumulated coin return for users to freely withdraw or re-invest on demand. Daily reflected return can be freely moved without any additional fees.

Cutting Edge Technology
Mining facilities are equipped with the latest technology ASIC & GPU mining devices which are upgraded gradually while their technical maintenance and repairs are done by hardware experts.


MULTI MINE software & solutions were created by MULTI MINE SERVICES LTD. In conjunction with variety service groups. The management of Multi Mine Services LTD. consists of co-owners William Simms, and Steven Spell. Both partners will be taking hands-on management roles in the company. In addition, we have assembled a board of advisors to provide management expertise & long-term market insights on crypto assets.

Enjoy Enjoy 5% For Each Friend Invited
The Multimine affiliate program allows platform users to earn 5% of the mining revenue of their invited friends. With the opportunity of acquiring revenue without actually investing for any mining activity, users are given the flexibility to invite unlimited number of users without any user or revenue restrictions.The earnings from the Affiliate program will be reflected daily to users’ account, just like regular mining revenues. Multimine affiliate program includes the following benefits:

No prerequisites: Start earning instantly as you invite friends without any commitment.

No deposit required: Enjoy affiliate earnings even if you never initiated a mining plan.

Daily return accumulation: Affiliate earnings are reflected to your account wallet daily.

No referral limit: Invite unlimited members without any quota to earn even more.


Contact the Multimine team and become a promoter. Work closer to the team to earn more from registered friends and their investments. Earn up to 16% return and scale rewards as the network expands.

Start building a network for free and get rewarded generously by helping us grow our audience.

Bounty program :

Must have registered account in .
Must meet the qualifications on each bounty campaign you wish to join.
Bounty Rewards are sent on a daily basis.

Minimum Deposit: 0.001 BTC, 0.05 ETH, 0.1 LTC, 3700 Doge, 0.14 Dash

Minimum withdrawal: 0.0005 BTC,0.005 ETH, 0.01 LTC, 500 Doge, 0.01 Dash

Payment process: Instant.

Payment Method: BTC, ETH, LTC, Doge, Dash.

Conclusion :
One of the best reality I have seen in my life the site pays nicely every day of the bonnet. You can also invest in it and withdraw whenever you want. I think it is safe and they have a good team. They took advantage of the opportunity.

ETH adress : 0xf947ce9e7aD365433425b249675A60899499A75a

Register hier :

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