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Welcome to the Inventor's Journal! This is a collection of interesting and educational articles about the process that goes into inventing a product from an idea and transforming it to a complete physical product thriving on the market. Feel free to share your content but please do not flood this page! Thank you.


InventHelp helps everyday inventors patent & submit their ideas to companies. Check out our InventHelp Instagram page for any assist!

Most of us have fleeting product ideas that could be real winners, but as quickly as the ideas come to us, they're gone forever. Next time you have an idea come to you, don't let it fly away with the breeze, reach out to InventHelp, a company that has been helping inventors bring their ideas to life for decades!

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Check out this awesome blog post on CEO World which breaks down the process of patenting an idea from start to finish! This is a great read for any inventor looking for help bringing a product to market.

InventHelp was started as a way to help inventors cultivate their ideas and assist them during the process of taking a product to market. If you’re looking to patent your idea, reach out to InventHelp today!

InventHelp has a long history of customer satisfaction and amazing success stories. The InventHelp reviews speak volumes about their experience and dedication. If you have a product idea or are interested in a patent, contact them today and change your life forever!

In the inventing world, there isn’t a company more widely-known and respected than InventHelp. InventHelp assists new inventors in taking their great idea, going through the process of fine-tuning it, then ultimately bringing it to market. Bringing a product to market is not easy, so it's best-practice to bring in help.

Are you interested in becoming an inventor? If so, you need the guidance of a company that will assist you in bringing your idea to market. InventHelp is one such company and have been in business longer than any other in the industry!

Since the dawn of man people have struggled to not just think of incredible new ideas and innovations but to smoothly make them a reality. There are numerous ways things can go wrong, but with Inventhelp there’s even more ways you can keep that from happening. So don’t hesitate to team up with expertise that knows the ins and outs of such an endeavor.

Without inventions, we’d be stuck in the stone age! So if you have an innovative idea don’t hesitate to put in the effort and make your dream come true. InventHelp is here for you, we want to help change the world into a better place one patented invention at a time! For every invention that’s had a huge impact on our daily lives, there were professionals behind the scenes doing everything necessary to get it to patent and market it properly. InventHelp wants to help!

It's essential we don’t ignore our great ideas. InventHelp assists innovation and empowers individuals to move forward with their patents confidently. Our passion is a better world, that’s why we share our expert knowledge and strive to build those individuals up who can think outside the box! Today is the day you get the ball rolling on that flash of genius and make it a reality! It’s not easy going through the necessary steps that will lead to the eventual success of an invention. But together we can make it happen!

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