InventHelp assists inventors with bringing products to market and protecting their ideas. They will help get the invention in front of the right parties in order to increase chances of the product getting picked up.

As an inventor, if you wish to patent your idea and protect your intellectual property, it's crucial that you work with a company with experience helping people navigate the process of cultivating an idea and bringing it to market. InventHelp is one such company that has been in business for decades and is sure to put you at ease throughout the entire process.

The InventHelp blog is an incredible resource for inventors, packed with informative articles on how to file patents, patenting an idea, protecting your intellectual property and more! If you’re an inventor, this is a blog you definitely should be following.

I can only speak from my own experience, my friend. But I think inventors are pretty much born that way. You may start, like I did, when young and be curious and want to be an inventor. Then you will naturally gravitate to situations and people that enhance that desire you harbor within yourself. Do you want to hear about Inventor vs SolidWorks? I had a good webinar for it!