Are we witnessing the end of Germany

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If you have been following the refugee migration in Europe, you might have noticed its not going so well. Here in Canada, we are protected by two huge oceans. But in Germany etc, people can just walk right in, no boat needed. This is a problem. War is literally being declared on Europe and its almost won, by stealth.

Lauren a fellow Canadian has been travelling around the world trying to figure out what the hell is going on. She has been going into some pretty scary places, especially since she sticks out like a sore thumb. You will see what I mean in the following video. Please watch this, it isnt long. Thanks!


1:15 sorry but this is total bullshit. This girl obviously doesnt live in a city or has never been in a ghetto. You kidding me? Go to Spanish Harlem and look how many Puerto Rican flags you'll see. It may not look quite like that street but when you make an issue of people's nationality they tend to respond by making it more obvious. If you kow anything about the freedom of expression you shut up about people expressing loyalty or love or whatever to whatever country they so wish, wherever they happen to live. Your totalitarian attitude is more disturbing than their Turkish flags. You know what? Dont go there if you dont like Turks. Over fed and educated westerners are in no position to lecture anyone about assimilating. They are assimilating, you're just too clueless to see it.

Actually she lives in Vancouver BC.......and she has been all over the world.

I get what you are saying first thought was the Olympics and supporting their country. But if you take a look at some parts of England, France etc. There are literally areas you do not want to go if you are not muslim....and in some cases, that depends on what kind of muslim you are as well. We do not have the problem here in Canada, which was my point in the first place.

And just 2 points if the OP is still reading.

First, When Americans or Canadians move somewhere, they are called "Ex-Pats" and they don't assimilate. Just think of those people as Turkish Ex-Pats.

And, say a Turkish person were to move to Germany, and become a Patriotic, Flag waving, German. Then they call their parents and cousins and everyone, and tell them "Germany is great, I love it, you guys should come here". Some come and visit, and they decide it's nice, and maybe they can get better pricing on things there, and maybe their degree or trade is worth more in Germany. So the original Patriotic, Flag waving German Turk's family starts moving there. 2 generations later, there is now an extended family in Turkey that has many relatives in Germany. And maybe some of them move there.

Do they all have to become Patriotic, Flag waving, Germans? Is it not ok if they still see themselves as Turkish?

If you moved to Germany, would you not still be a Canadian?

I agree with your points and in a perfect world thats the way it should be. My point with all of this is to ask, especially of anyone who is on the ground in these countries, are you concerned with the endless flood of "refugees" who are just walking in by the tens of thousands and who are mostly men of fighting age? Does that concern anyone?

In your article it said British Police agree with Trump, so did a Terror expert, on Fox News. Then the whole thing was disproven.

Terror Expert

Here is a discussion about it not being True

And here is Fox News Apologizing for their Error, yes Error.

I understand the sentiment here, but Germany is a place that has been known for its Islamic Culture for decades. If you want to study Islamic history, you don't study American Religious Historians or English Religious Historians, etc. You study German Religious Historians.

And the whole "They aren't integrating and they claim another nation". Since the end of WWII, Germany has been somewhat of a Beacon of Multi-Nationalism and has shunned their Nationalistic Nazism.

If someone in Germany were to talk like the Girl in this video were talking (and be very serious about it, like starting a Political campaign), about "Our Nation deteriorating from the immigrants" and these "Turkish non-Germans everywhere" they would probably do it with a Swastika behind them.

Have you looked into what has been happening over in Germany and other countries the last few months....just curious.

I watch the News pretty regularly, and I even watch News Shows I disagree with (The O'Reilly Factor, etc) just so that I am not being one-sided in my Perspective. I watch CNN, Fox, MSNBC, then I do my own research and even Tweet at them to let them know when they are full of shit. They even know who I am and I can tell when they have read my Tweets sometimes when they are Live.

So basically, Yes, I have been paying attention.

And what you are saying and what that Girl is saying is no different from when Donald Trump said that there was a Neighborhood in London where if you weren't Muslim you wouldn't be allowed there, and no one could find the Neighborhood he was talking about, and someone like the Mayor of London or something even invited Trump to come show him this Neighborhood he is talking about.

Notice that she was allowed in the Neighborhood. It's not like she had to cross a guard gate, or have a passport, it's still Germany. Like the other guy said, look at Harlem. Look at all of New York. Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Israelis, everyone with their own Neighborhoods or "Enclaves".

When you drive/walk around any area of a town considered "China Town", do you think "Look at them not integrating" or do you think "That's the neighborhood where you can get some good Chinese Food"?

There are TONS of articles and videos about no go zones in europe due to sharia loving muslims running the areas. Here is just one of many.

Ok, so you do realize that this has been completely disproven at this point right, and to use it as evidence of your claim is kind of hilarious, especially after I already mentioned it.

In your article it said British Police agree with Trump, so did a Terror expert, on Fox News. Then the whole thing was disproven.

Terror Expert

Here is a discussion about it not being True

And here is Fox News Apologizing for their Error, yes Error.

When I mentioned she has gone into dangerous places, I wasn't talking about this place. She has been reporting in places like Syria etc which are far more dangerous than Germany. However, so many men of fighting age have been showing up as refugees in Europe. No vetting at all. Just walking right in. The invasion could be well under way and everyone just says, oh you are a racist or an idiot for pointing it out.....LOL.

Why doesn this happen where I live? it's full of Muslims around here, also Chinese, Mexicans, Colombians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis etc.. it's like another country with people form all over the world (literally, the census said kids at the local school were from 120 different countries) That's probably why. But fuck that, Germany fucked up...Hopefully it'll be k though. these are generational issues,, theoretically.

Where do you live

Gee golly wow! The world is changing! For the best??? Nice post! Aloha Al

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