Greece Defends Europe - Europe's Shield [Ασπίδα]

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You will not believe from what parts of Europe support is being shown to Greece - really!

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Yesterday Hungary sent a message to Greece . He said that developments at the Turkey-Greece border were worrying and suggested that hundreds of thousands of migrants could soon arrive in the Western Balkans.

Szijjarto said he had phoned his Greek counterpart and assured Greece of Hungary’s support. “Hungary knows what it is like when the country’s borders are under an organised attack … while the international liberal media is churning out fake news”.

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But, let us return to today's news:

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The video:

Some comments on the YT page I found interesting or perceptive (or stupid):

The UN is useless, good for nothing, they couldn’t even stop the Rwandan genocide they just let it happen. Absolutely useless.

Lars Wolter
Migrants. Not refugees. And not Syrians. Most are from Afghanistan and Africa.

the Red Celt (edited)
STOP CALLING THEM "REFUGEES"!! They are invading hordes! They are NOT refugees! They are all fighting age males with the latest iPhones and nice clothes, not the attire of a refugee!!! Also, by the way, Turkey is NO ally to NATO or Europe. This action and the years of extortion of Europe proves they are an aggressive enemy!! And yes, the UN should be dissolved, immediately!

Sum FãggOtt
How can anyone look at this and say this isn’t an invasion? No seriously it’s a literal invasion orchestrated by Erdogan and Turkey.

The Lone Longma (edited)

thank you brothers God Bless.


The Postman
The UN and people like Soros think they run the world. They are mistaken. Salute to Greece and the honor and memory of Sparta! Let no one pass!

These are not refugees but replacements of the Europeans the globalist want to inflict! Genocide on a global scale

Germany can't get enough of these doctors and engineers.

Derek Tomlinson
The EU would do better if they stopped sending any money to Erdogon in Turkey and send it to Greece instead!

Sarah Connor
I wouldn't believe any of the globalists, Macron, VonDeLeyon, Merkel, they are all traitors.

The Overlooked Songwriter
Ευχαριστούμε from America. Meanwhile Belgium is in danger of becoming Belgianistad.

The nerve of those Greeks not wanting thousands of troglodytes flooding across the border.

My Comment:

This is a proud moment for all Greeks...AND for all Europeans. In many instances their own govts are selling them out as slaves to the islamist locusts (a good example, Tommy Robinson: his 8 yo daughter was molested at the swimming pool by a moslem and Tommy would not let him leave until the police arrived - so the police arrested Tommy and let the child molester go - and you THINK your govt is acting for your good, just like all the Cabal?), but the people themselves are waking up and let us hope we are in time to save what is left of Europe and our people.

The question is - despite all they are saying, if Turkey attacks Greece, will NATO support Greece...or will they just talk and talk and wring their hands like Pontius Pilate?

"Behold the Man", Antonio Ciseri's
depiction of Pilate presenting a
scourged Jesus to the people
of Jerusalem.

My belief in Free Speech is my Shield

Posted: 4th March, 2020


For a moment I thought you said Orbán would accept taking these people in. Good to hear he does not, not that these greedy, lazy, abusive people would like to live in Hungary.
It's not the right country to be. You need to learn the language and have to work and raping and robbing is not allowed.

The UN is not the same as the EU.
Besides Angela Merkel saying "we'll it" the only thing managed is a united Europe wanting their country back and hating foreigners.

It's no surprise to me Orban came to Greece's aid and more countries do or will. It's only a surprise if you do not need to live in Europe, not live in between those ungrateful never satisfied people.

I agree they are not refugees but we already knew that. These are males only and of course all very confused. Our minister Rutte told us these people are highly educated and good for our economy. He called them "kansparels". (Chance pearls). Only stupid idiots believed that.

It's time to send them home.
Turkey is paid to do that but does the opposite. We already knew that a few years ago.

It's time to close the borders.
Those people have no skills and break down every society. They add nothing to it and only make very clear what people already thought about them. Lazy and stupid, not willing to work, the lowest kind of humans. It only gives racism a bigger reason to grow.

Now we have to deal with the Coronavirus too and I wonder how come most ill people are in Italy... the country that is the main gateway.


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I'm so glad to see how strongly you feel about it...sometimes I get the feeling that only myself and one or two others feel strongly about the betrayal of our people.


Come have a look over here and you will see the opposite. It probably is not what media or some lefties shout out loud but it is the reason why so many are patriots now. Let's put it this way: If you do not like to integrate one day it's enough and your friendly hosts will kick you out. 💕

I have seen what is happening and grieved at every betrayal of the people. Seeing women and children raped and young men crippled or killed, just so that the elite can inherit the world, it made me bitter and very angry (if you had continued reading the story of Cherine, you would have found my writing about it in the story and my anger would have been obvious a long time ago).

islamophobe - means afraid of islam.

It is why I call myself an islamofoe = an enemy of islam

but, the truth is, mostly I am an enemy of people like Bill Gates, Soros, the Rothschild family and so on. (I am not certain, but I have read a lot of accusations against the Dutch royal family, that they are part of the globalist Cabal.)

I am no fan of the so called Royal family and their dirty tricks. The king is not the smartest, not as a student and I think it's his wife who reigns. I try to not read or hear anything about them. They are hypocrites so is the present government. They sell the people, the minister scolds at those who do not vote for him and took our right of referendum away from us.

I have a hard time loading content, reading comments, my connection is too slow and I can no longer afford to buy extra in the hope it's faster. Perhaps during summer I can sit in my car for some hours in front of the librsry and use their connection.

Partiko helps me to post. At times I can read and comment with it but I can only see 10 posts and no photos or videos.

I am not angry at Soros etc but at the people who buy all the lies and are even willing to pay for it. I hoped France would start a revolution and now I hope more will follow the UK. Probably not Hungary. They receive a lotbof EU money... with us the elections were manipulated, it was the same in.Austris, Germany etc... they avoid the parties chosen by the people to reign.

It's better not to get too much upset it will only effect us. 💕

There are others too. Since 2,5 years I post in German about the changing society due to mass immigration (and many other themes of course)

Yes, you are right, there are many others and the numbers are growing every day.

It is the one thing that gives me hope.

The problem for Germany is that many of those who came can be sent away - but there are 2.5 to 3 million from Turkey and they will not leave, they will fight to stay.

I do not know how that problem will be handled.

If I were a German, and Brussels said, 'allow them to stay', I would ask them, 'if 3million German soldiers had asked to stay in your country after WWII, would you have agreed? Would you have thought it was 'reasonable' of us to ask? These locusts were supposed to come to work, or else as refugees. What kind of refugee flies to his home country, that he fled in fear for his life, for a holiday and stays here in Germany for his unemployment benefits? No, none will be allowed to stay.'