If You Don't Like What You Have Created, Create Something New

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It is OK to NOT Like What You Created

Have you ever made dinner too salty? Every put on an outfit that didn't quite work? Have you ever nurtured a friendship that didn't suit you?

I have.

And that is OK.

It is OK to create something and not like it. It is ok to put a lot of time and energy into something that isn't going to "go anywhere." It is ok to leave a project that you don't love and have no use for unfinished. It's ok to leave a friendship that doesn't feel good even if you've been friends since you were kids.

Is there something you don't like about your job? Is there something you don't like about your relationship? Do you find yourself in a life situation that is less that magical? Do you find that you don't really like certain things? Then give yourself permission to change them. Recognize what you don't like and vow to yourself to change it. You can.

"You made your bed now like in it!" No way. You just wash the sheets and start all over again.

You are a creator being in a body.

Sometimes your creations suck.

Get over it and create something new.


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I'm so with you on this. It's ok, to change your mind. Calculate the hurt you may cause, and manage it accordingly. They say it takes as much guts to walk out on something. But if the end results are going to be better ......


Thank you for stopping by. Sometimes we get stuck and can't see past the immediate destruction of making changes.

Sometimes it is hard to change though @metzli. Sometimes things take a long time to improve or grow on you. I think 'time' is essential to bring about change.


I know. Sometimes its hard to follow even my own advice when it is flowing through my fingers and so obvious that it is written specifically for me. The words come out easily, but the action of making them happen sometimes take a little longer.

Sometimes your creations suck.

😆Yes! And it is ok! It still sucks, but it's the way we learn best, right? Wash those sheets... Clean up the spilled milk... Cry a little bit if it was raw because that stuff is expensive and hard to find... 😉. Sorry, did I get off track? Lol! Much love Mama!


Haha, that response made me laugh.

Some things like raw milk or breast milk are worth spilling just one or two tears over...


@metzli Oh my word. Back when I used to pump, that stuff was liquid gold! I remember crying because my husband had spilt some! Lol!

Yeah.. we’re always creating or changing into new things all the time. We can never remain as the same all the time. Steemit has been the biggest change I have this year.

Accepting & adapting to all this is one of the largest step I’ve taken and I’m really proud I did so.


It's a big step and a lot of work, but its very fulfilling at the same time. I love my steemit community. I have really been enjoying reading your work and appreciate you stopping by my posts.


I'm also enjoying my time w Steemit. This is my big change for this year.

I think life is like that. It sucks. It hurts. But we always have choices, options or alternatives. If things does not go our way, there are a lot of other things to do to overcome it or to correct it.

As moms, we cant always bury ourselves in the closet if we have a bad day. Sh*t happens sometimes. Its never wrong to be weak, but we gotta learn how to stand up against it.

Cheers mamas!! We can do this! All this shall pass too..


Yes. Thank you.

It is never wrong to be weak, but we gotta learn how to stand up against it.

Great words.