STEEMIT can change the world faster than bitcoin (I haven't earned a cent, but has already received a lot )

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Hello STEEMIT! My name is Alexey Loginov. This is my presentation! My very first post and's exciting! I write this article, because I believe in STEEMIT community. I believe in idea,that can change the world. I want to be a part of the STEEMIT community because together we can change the world for the better. This idea leads me all my life and now I see the real field for the direction of my efforts. It seems to me that the world was lost in her own greed and has long been in need of a good kick. I'm for change and for the decentralization of global processes. But what am I?! We're not at a meeting of libertarians.

So,let me tell you about myself: I was born and live in one of the most beautiful and mysterious places in the world - in SIBERIA! Here there is a dense forest which we call "taiga"

Here, the harsh winter and the deepest freshwater lake in the world Baikal.

Here the vast distances and high mountains, which we call a "Sayan". Here live large bears and a wild Siberian tiger.

There are still not everywhere has electricity and almost all of my friends grow their own food with their own hands.This is the edge for a distinctive, strong-minded people.

I was born in the USSR, but after some time this great Empire collapsed and everywhere in the country began something similar to a civil war.

As a child I often had to fight just for the fact that I had not taken away the money or even clothing. Now it sounds crazy but at that time, I was not amused. Of course, now the country has a strong government and there is no flow of crime. That's good. But strong centralized power leaves me, as an ordinary citizen,less personal freedom. And I don't agree with it!
For me, freedom is happiness. And happiness is what I live for!

At school I studied perfectly, until I realized that most of the knowledge I get I will never use. In the end, I began to walk only on those items that I really liked. Then there was University, then another, and then another. I passed the entrance exams.I studied at the state's expense.My family had no savings to pay for school. At University I was taught a lot of nonsense and I rejected a free place because I decided not to waste my life on something I don't believe in.
And then, finally, I went to Novosibirsk Institute of theatrical arts. It changed my life.Here are my teachers and classmates.

It is our dedication to the students. Traditionally, the undergraduates are smearing faces with theatrical makeup to all freshmen. This makeup can not be washed off for 24 hours.

So, I studied with pleasure and became an artist.

Maybe I wanted this since childhood.

So I became a theater Director , scriptwriter, showman and teacher of theatre arts.

Somewhere among all this I met an extraordinary girl named Catherine.(her distant relatives in times of tsarist Russia were aristocrats and even left a mark in history)

Soon we got married.

At the wedding we had many guests. I and my wife performed the role of leading our marriage. And the guests were giving us their creativity: singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, etc.

At some point I realized that more than anything, I like high technology, expanding opportunities, and live chat. So I invented a new kind of theatre.
I established my own theatre for children.Because they are real and sincere believe that the world can be changed.While most adults accept the world as what it is.
In this sense, I and the children understand each other. In the theater we feature interactive performances. I can show the performances in any place where there is electricity.With the help of special fan I inflated sphere with a height of more than 3 meters and over 5 meters in diameter.

I'm the captain of a spaceship and with it I and the children can go wherever you want.

Inside the sphere is dark and the projector creates a 3D model of visual perception.

We study the universe and the ancient world, nature and science. We flew directly to the sun or a black hole.And we have fun, manage the ship and help the animated characters.All programs I design and create myself.
Every flight is an amazing adventure.This game develops imagination and gives children a taste for knowledge of the world.I believe that all aspire to cognition of something new, interesting, but the current system usually prevents this natural process.

The lives of these children change when they go with me beyond the horizons of the possible.
And I'm going beyond the horizons along with the community STEEMIT.
I'm sure this idea will change the world. This is the best way of decentralized crowdfunding, in which the community itself decides which projects to support and which not. Any exchange of values within the network is based on personal contact and trust your partner, because his blog and even his wallet are open for public viewing.

And besides, this is a real democracy, where the community votes for someone who is worthy of reward. This is the system of values in which I would like to live and self-actualize. Thanks to all who created and promotes this project, which gives such wonderful opportunities to everyone.

I haven't earned a cent, but I've got a lot of STEEMIT.Trying to write this article, I looked at my life and tried to find something interesting that can resonate in the hearts of community members.And suddenly I realized the ideas that inspired me all this time. Nothing coming up, I honestly rethought my experience and this is the best that happened to me over the past six months. So contact with the community STEEMIT already changed my life.I wish everyone who will join the project to be honest and open. And be ready to change.

And again. I decided that if this post gets more 1000. I will print large logo STEEMIT on the surface of a sphere.Something like this:

And I will tell about it to children and their parents, citing the example of my own experience.

If the post gets more, I will be able to repay the loan to buy equipment for my theater much faster.

Thank you for your attention and good luck to all!

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This is a great post! I am happy for you, and I don't feel worthy of receiving money from you. I recognize you from @omfedor's video, and that was also very entertaining! Thank you.

Thank you for your kind words. They are especially dear to me because I really respect you as an artist and thinker. In addition, I think you've kept in touch with the inner child. Me too! And my inner child is always happy when he sees the freedom of creative expression ! Your posts inspire me again and again! You have probably realized that @OMFEDOR is my close friend and collaborator. This is a video we filmed with great pleasure. In fact, I used to be a Director, but... @OMFEDOR the owner of the camera. So I had to be an actor! I hope we get someone a little entertained! I would like to chat with you sometimes. Because I respect your talent and the human heart!

me too. I decided to choose the child inside of me instead of the gruffy adult! Long live the child-mind.

Long live the child-mind!!!!!!!!

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This is a relly nice post and you look like a cool guy :) But buddy, always spell check your categories, Imean it is "introduceyourself" with "c" and not "introduseyourself" You can really miss a lot of people by this little mistake. Still great post though :D

Thank you very much! English is not my native language and just didn't see this grammatical error.Of course you're right. Thank you for your positive assessment of the post!