INTRO: After almost 2month, finally i fuel my decision to officially unveil this Christian channel by bringing to table what this blog has to offer!! This blog is inspired #mark 16:15

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The bible has made us to understand that, we are in the end time and before JESUS ascended , he told us to do the work of he that sent him, if we believe in him and also in the work he did while on earth.

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GOD specially created us to represent Christ on earth, meaning when we preach Gods word the glory of God automatically shine through us and destroy the work of darkness.

This blog is know as the voice-of-christ on steemit, this blog is created mainly to promote,preach and spread the word of GOD to all, just as mark 16:15 said. What i will post here will be strictly biblical content.

In our subsequent article, this channel will provide steemians with Some exciting information about:

  • The deep message of the bible.

  • Morning devotional

  • Bible quiz

  • Motivational messages

  • Prayer topic for each new month

Which i believe will be beneficial to steemians, cos most of us are so obsessed with steemit platform, that we dont even have time to study our bible again, thats why we decided to bring the word to each of our door steps.


Firstly I want to thank all the the pioneer steemains in the house for opening the door and making it possible for us to announce to the community about the existence of this Christian blog, which through its activities will be a blessing to all steemains.

Cos if not for you guys, i dont think i and many others from different countries and continents would be here today. I salute you all, my special thanks , appreciation and gratitude goes to all the bloggers that has taken upon their self's to promote, preach and spread the word of GOD on this platform.

@papa-pepper @christian-trail @briercrest @rynow @veejay @deathlyhorror @wilx @stevenmosoes @god-is-love @jdbry a
may our good lord continue to strengthen and pour more grace upon grace for more desire to continue in the good work you guys has done so far on steemit and also to those individuals that cameup with the idea of giving a tag name that relates to Christianity thumps up.

You guys are not only doint it for posting seek, but by the inspiration of the holy Ghost, cos it is written

Two biblical portions that inspired me:

"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation" mark 16:15

"For we are his work manship created in christ jesus for good works, which god prepare before hand, that we should walk in them"
Ephesiand 2:10
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Thankz for your time
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Looking forward to seeing what exciting things will appear @voiceforchrist


Thank for stopping by, i really do appreciate.


Why did you mute me?

I love this! One of my favorite scriptures but all the way to verse 18. My wife and I are missionaries in the Philippines. God bless you! Can’t wait to see what God does in and through you!


Please permit me to address you as a co ambassador when it comes to spreading the gospel of GOD, more grace to continue in hes work in Philippians


I love what we do! There is nothing like a love affair with our Creator. I love the frontline work. Not usually very dull! Lol! God bless you as you spread the Good News and use the talents He has given you!

I will stand with you in prayer (and in writing here in steemit) that you may be able to accomplish your goal. God Bless and may God annoint your writing to reach out and further his kingdom.