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My name is Anderson, I’m african. I was introduced to steemit by a friend and i must say this has to be one of the most amazing platform of this generation and I am glad to here. I am a forex/crypto currency trader, Founder/CEO of @bavelchifx. I Enjoy traveling, have a passion for art , open minded to learn new things, meet new people in this community . I intend to add value to everyone on this community to everyone who is lacking in the area of my specialty and beyond. Say hi!😊😊6D8E1FE6-AAA5-482F-8365-A87E6369EA70.jpeg

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Welcome Anderson. Glad to have you aboard. Happy New Year!

thank you Bro, I appreciate

Great post mate l, welcome to steemit where you will have fun, connect to fellow steemians and get rewarded in the steemit platform.