introduction of myself

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb
Haii Steemit .........

Let me introduce myself to my friends
After I heard and learned about the steemit from my friends @starlost, I am very motivated to join this steemit program. So my name is Ibrahim alias (Abu Fetih) and I live in Aceh / Indonesia precisely in North Aceh district and my current proponent as a School Operator who handles Data Pokkok Pendidikan (Dapodik) and is still in the study or explore the sciences, religion or other general knowledge.DSC01981.JPG

Join me here I really hope to get to know each other with friends and should be with friends can help me in studying the science of steemit more deeply, with the support and help my friends are very grateful. And I really hope that with the information from my friends can learn a lot of science later so with the information that I describe should be useful for me and for friends later.

I am with my son

For the attention of my friends say many thanks ....


Selamat bergabung di steemit kawan.

Welcome to Steemit, sir! May you have yourself a happy and joyful posting. God bless you and your family. :D

Welcome to the flatform steemit @abufetih, hope you feel at home here and can provide works that are good and useful for us all .. good luck my friends

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