Introduction About My self Start From Forex To Crypto

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Hello Every One,
My name is sajjad and i am from pakistan now i am just working of crypto but for sure i start my work from forex i never forget the day when i am on forex for my 1st investment of 30$ i have no experienced how forex work but i just put my 1st 30$ investment in my forex account but at the end of the day it was really happy day because i got almost 1100$ on my 1st trade just because of new i just put my trade with 0.2$ lot and and after that i don't know what is going on on market because after putting my trade i just got boooom here and earn my 1st 1100$ in only 1 day(here are the some good work proof) forex.pngso its the main and possible way to continue my work in forex i got alot of from forex but when i got a crypto world in later years i am in with leaving forex forex2.pngbecause crypto have much more then forex so that is the story from forex to crypto.


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