Invitation to UNGRIP and return to the land in peace, freedom, prosperity, joy and love!

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Greetings Steemites!

Whether you know of my work or not, I felt that this post would be a great way to introduce myself, my work and my intent with this blog.  

I have been living off the grid with my wife Carey for over ten years.  We returned to the land to grow our own food, collect water, treat our waste, live in an earthship, built greenhouses, gardens and do everything we can to be as independent as possible.  We love our life, we are happy and work hard at being as peaceful as possible.  But our lives were not always that way.  We went through a lot of challenges and we met those challenges head on.  

In 2009, I was approached by Ben Stewart to have a documentary made about our life, philosophy and experiences.  At first I refused, but over time, I came around and agreed to participate in the project.  In October 2011, UNGRIP was released on Youtube and it has been seen by millions of people around the world.  If you are not familiar with the documentary, then feel free to watch it here or search for UNGRIP on Youtube.  

I followed up this work with my own book called 'Graduating Life with Honours - Conscious Self-Governance in God's Kingdom'.  The book is an exploration of who we are as I confront our perceptions of the fictional, physical and spiritual realms.  I then outline some basic protocols necessary to have healthy relationships with our selves, our own creations and the Creator.  I shared my experiences with depression, suicide attempts and all the work that I did to recover and find a way to have healthy relationships so that I could reconcile my relationship with my wife and those that I love.  It can be downloaded for free from my website.

In 2015 I was honoured for our work by the Indigenous community when I attended ceremony and was given a white eagle feather and a spirit name 'White Walking Feather'.  I am also a 3rd Dan black belt in Tae Kwon Do and use my training every day to ensure I walk in peace, freedom and independence.

With all that said, what is this blog going to cover?  Well, the list is long, but over the coming months and years I will do my best to get into the details on how we worked towards independence at all levels.  That includes removing ourselves from being feudal serfs to the Crown and how we stand in our own sovereignty, authority and power by setting boundaries and confronting violence and coercion at all levels.  Peace is paramount in our work, so it is the foundation of much of the choices we make.  There are many out there that will resist this idea and I will outline steps that we took to ensure that our journey is unimpeded by others who claim authority or engage in violence or coercion.  

My wife will also share some of her work here as she studied and currently practices homeopathy and other health modalities, harvests wild medicines, home schooled our two sons and helps people as they heal their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  

I live my life without debt, credit cards, bank accounts, DL, Birth Certificate or any other government issued ID.  In 2016 we had an encounter with the Canadian Military.  I confronted the Minister of National Defense and their response rocked my world as it was the first time I wrote to them using my spirit name.  They responded back to me using my spirit name, apologized to me three times and established a five nautical mile, 1000 foot no-fly zone around the land that we steward.    I will share how I accomplished this with those who are willing to do the work!

I have never been arrested or in jail by walking this path as I believe it must be walked with peace and non-violence.  I am going to write on topics that cover our relationship with the state, Mother Earth, each other and our self with peace and non-violence as the main thread throughout all my posts.  I will ensure that I also cover some of the pit falls that many have fallen into so that people can explore healthy relationships in a peaceful way!  

So sit back, relax and enjoy yourself as we explore relationships with our self, our bodies, spirit, plants, animals, fictional constructs, earthships, greenhouses, gardens, water, sun, wind, earth, waste, other people, Mother Earth and Creator!  We will cover it all in the hopes that we can influence others to contemplate making changes in their own lives so that we can all find peace, freedom, prosperity, joy and love in our lives.  

I love you.

I AM that I AM
My Spirit name is White Walking Feather
My vessel name is rob in the pagé family

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I'm overjoyed to see you and Carey's beautiful Spirits (and faces heheee) here on the Steem blockchain!! This is so brilliant and I know you will be able to teach many, learn a lot, and likely have some very great discussions :)

Welcome White Walking Feather!

Thank you Lyndsay. A friend of mine suggested this site almost a year ago, but it was your testimony that convinced me to make the move. So I decided to spend more time here than Facebook. That way I can at least be compensated for all the knowledge and writing I share. Peace to you and I am forever grateful! I love you very much.

I love you very much too my friend, cheers to new beginnings and spreading your truths to a wider audience.


White walking feather sure is a beautifu nmael given by the indegenous people of America ! That sure seems like one nice compliment ! So Welcome to you both, to our Community of Steemit and I look forward to seeing your work and words here in your future posts !!

Being gifted a feather from the indigenous people is like receiving a gift from a very high ranking diplomat. It is an honour to receive the feather and the name. I'll write a post about what my spirit name means, one day.

I look forward to following you and your wife! We started growing our own food about 10 years ago, have not taken the "off grid" plunge but have a sort of "grid lite" situation. Controlling your food supply is the essence of real liberty!

I look forward to sharing our experiences. We have been off grid for just over 10 years, so it sounds like our experiences are similar. I agree with your assessment about food supply. The industrial food system is very toxic and we are never fully aware of what is in the food. So we grow our own and eat wild food too. Lots of food in the bush!

Nice to see you on here Rob. Lyndsay has been talking about you joining Steemit.

Thank you. Glad to be here. I look forward to meeting new people and sharing lots!

You have so much knowledge to share with everyone and I'm sure you'll find a lot of great articles here as well.

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Thank you for recognizing what we can contribute to the community. I look forward to sharing, learning, discussing and growing as a result.

Brendon, ahhhh, I just found out how to check out names. Okay! I know you buddy! hahahaha. I look forward to getting to know you more! You have a very powerful and special divine feminine partner there and I applaud you in your efforts to hold the space of the divine masculine within that relationship. Very powerful! I see it and I wanted to acknowledge it with you. We have a lot in common.

I thought maybe you didn't know it was me. I did however fail to mention it as well. We definitely have a lot in common. :)

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Nice to meet you, great introduction, wish you the best moments in steemit :)

Thank you David. I look forward to the experience and I'm excited to write more so that we can share and grow! Peace to you.

winter survival in Canadian weather sounds like a great read :)

Great idea. I'll get on writing that one! Thank you!

I am blessed to meet you White Walking Feather - I bow to your thoughtful and worthy lifestyle and know it is going to be an interesting time following your blog here.
I too was honoured with a spirit name back in 1998 by the Cochise who named me High Flying Eagle.

I wish you peace

Pleased to meet you Sally. I love your spirit name and I look forward to interacting with you as well. May Creator bless you with peace, freedom, prosperity, joy and love.

Welcome to Steemit! Curious to hear about your journey and how you accomplished some of the things you mention (a no fly zone is impressively amazing).

Thank you. I hope the video and book makes an excellent introduction to how we live, but I will write much more and share what I can! Thank you for writing. I look forward to the exchange over the coming days, weeks and months.

Hello there I am really glad that I stumble on your post I will follow you. My dream is to live sustainably in harmony with nature. You are a great inspiration for me.

Hi there Mihail. I am glad you found my post. I hope you enjoy the posts that I share and I look forward to interacting with you along this journey! Peace to you.

Thank you and I appreciate it a lot.

Welcome to Steemet
follow me @lomidze

Hello White Walking Feather, hello Carey,
I am blessed to meet you here on Steemit. I directly fell in love with your thoughts and philosophy of life! Looking forward to read more about your experiences, about Off-Grid Living and to see your both work, because this interests me so much. Welcome you wonderful thoughtful people - Love and Light!

Pleased to meet you @miawallace. I am glad that you resonate with what we are sharing. If you want to read more, you are welcome to my wall and my book, 'Graduating Life with Honours'. I am starting to release it chapter by chapter here (first two chapters already up) or you can download the PDF from my web site. May Creator bless you with peace, freedom, prosperity, joy and love.

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Wow. That is amazing. Thank you so much. This was my very first post on Steemit. I'm excited to write my next one as well! Thank you for letting me know. I am honoured and deeply touched by the reaction and feedback. I am grateful for all those individuals here that find value in our work and want to learn more. I will do my best to keep the writing flowing as I have over 16 years of experiences to share and I'm making more every day! May Creator bless you all with peace, freedom, prosperity, joy and love.

Good luck @wwf

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One more extra: ask questions. I mean it. Ask questions in your posts and in your comments, start discussions and be active in your replies

.... and, please, don't begging "follow me/I follow you" "upvote for upvote" etc.... it does work on other platforms but doesn't work on #steemit and would only make you look silly touched and encouraged reading this drawing a lot of strenght from your experience...thank you for sharing

@edwoltzhairline, I must admit that through my recovery from depression, I realized that I cannot use force to change other people. Instead I learned to share stories so that we can influence others with peace. So I share what I can and if others are moved, touched or encouraged, then that means a connection has been made. That is when we start to relate to one another and our armor starts to get dismantled. Thank you for sharing with me about your feelings and reactions to my post. I means a great deal to me that we make connections like this and I value the interaction. I will work hard to continue to share my own feelings so that we can all grow as a result. I think you may be very interested in my book. The link is in the post and it is free to download. If you have troubles, please let me know. May Creator bless you with peace, freedom, prosperity, joy and love.

Wow...its humbling to see you take your time to reply me and further explain..i sure will download the book and am glad you got out of the depression state..while i had challenging times too especially when i had to change careers, i wasnt ready for all the challenges i faced and it got at me too. But my greatest delight were the people around me...friends and families from my local church who kept strenghtening me with words of hope..and soon enough that season came to pass.. So i am really glad about your story...

Rob is one of the coolest guys ever......just sayin

You humble me @awareness. I gather we know one another on Facebook or have we met face-to-face? Either way, I am grateful for your words and support. <3 Peace to you my friend.

Hello White Walking Feather, my best wishes for you and your wife's journey.


Thank you! <3

Welcome to steemit @wwf

Thank you @subkiusman! Glad to be here!

Excellent post, very well articulated. thank you so much.

Thank you @nakamurasatoshi! I appreciate the feedback. Excited to write my next post. I hope you all enjoy it.

Hey! Welcome to Steemit. Loved the post. Looking forward to more content! Hope you have a good time.

Thank you @firepower. I am giddy with excitement over the responses I've been getting. Looking forward to meeting new people and sharing. Thank you for the feedback. Peace to you.

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Such a nice couple. Keep moving forward with your heads high.

Thank you @umerjaved! We work hard to walk with confidence and peace as we confront our own fears so that we learn from our mistakes. I look forward to sharing our experiences with you and others. Peace to you.

Welcome to Steemit and I'm really looking forward to reading about your life. Be safe and prepared.

Thank you @geordieprepper. Ten years of off grid living brings with it a lot of experiences to share. I look forward to writing about them for you and others to read. Thank you for your interest and feedback. I really do appreciate it and I'm deeply moved as well.

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Cool! Thank you for letting me know. Learning how all this works. Amazing.

Welcome to Steemit! Nice to meet you. :-)

Nice pictures! :-)

Upvoted and followed! I am new here too. If you view my page and find it interesting maybe you can follow me too?

I hope you have lots of fun here and make many friends! :-)
Thank you for sharing! :-)

Thank you! It is an honour to meet you as well. Thank you for the feedback! I look forward to reading your posts too. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, but I will work through it all. I'm sure I'll make many new friends. Peace to you.

You're very welcome. :-)
Thank you for your reply! :-)
Wishing you happiness, smiles, sweet dreams and sunshine! :-)

A new Steemian ^^ hello @wwf I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community ! Nice post, wish you much luck! I will follow your account. Don't hesitate to contact or follow me at any time :-) See you around @tradewonk

Thank you @tradewonk. I appreciate the follow and I have reciprocated. So far the experience has been very rewarding as I've met so many new people. I feel blessed and I look forward to getting to know you all better.

Nice to meet you dear freind, welcome to steemit, hope you are comfortable here,This is a new home for lovers
of bloggers and the best platform today,Very good intro,I like that,No forget to Visit my profile For Info and tricks about cyrptotrading.

Thank you @alokkamboj for the welcome. I am starting to get the hang of this platform and the writing is flowing nicely. When I am ready to trade currencies, I'll check out your info.

Thanks for helping me return to this place.
^w^ ~☆ Glad to see you here.


Nice to meet you, I stumbled across you through @lyndsaybowes on Facebook. I look forward to learning anything I may be able to. Getting ready to begin a similar journey.

Great to meet you. Lyndsay is a wonderful and dear friend. I've known her for several years now and it is great to meet friends in common. If you are getting ready to make the leap, then I would at least recommend my book, these posts and I also have lots of pictures and posts on facebook as well. I hope all goes well and I look forward to sharing with you. May Creator bless you Jerry!

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Thank you. I look forward to it all!