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RE: Introducing Steemit Witnesses @Underground & @Sapphic | Hosts: Eagle Spirit & @Enginewitty

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This is a very awesome job by @EAGLESPIRIT and all involved!
Also going to list the big contributors in this program, the "lovely co-Host" Mr. Ear-Candy himself, @enginewitty 😎 My Partner, the Ever Lovely @SAPPHIC who carried the show when I had to re-boot because Discord went wonky from the WIN-10 problems... She answered all the questions SMASHINGLY that pertained to both of us, I missed most of that when I was re-booting but I heard it later on the podcast. It's why we are such a good team. She really fills in the gaps of my knowledge, the "nuts and bolts" of being a witness. We had the 0.20.0 witness software running before about half of the Top 20 and before like 80% of all witnesses. 30+ years experience in the field! 😎
ALSO: Many Thanks to @sircork, he helped us set up our server and also did the raw and edited recording. Hosted it on Google Drive as well. Eagle sent it to youtube as she already has an account there. We will use d-live or d-tube once we get an account for the boot camp or one of us LOL

EAGLE is considering a witness herself, someday... She is a fantastic Steemian and when she makes the dive, she will be a fantastic witness as well! ALL THE LOVE 😍


Thank you for a great comment Undyz! I have both of those accounts: dlive had an error message and dtube said it was too big. At this point I’m
just happy I got it up. Much love, Eagle

Oh shoot meant to give you more on that comment.

Saw the Magic Porpoise go swimming by ;)

wooohoooooo i love herrrrr

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