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Hello Ladies and Gentle Man
happy to share to you my one month Jounery /travel on steemit.Firstly I want to introduce my self with a small introduction. My name is Saima and I am 42 year old women. I am from pakistan. I join this Great Community about One month ago, Truly I can not see this type of great and kind community in this world. It is really a great community. I learn from this community a lot because every one try to teach and give advise with a great Guide line.


Its a good day for me that i crossed a huge number of followers only about in a month I want to say thanks to all who support me and follow me but here i also want to say that followers does not matter how many people follow me but the matter is that how many people read your post and learn from you and like your contents.
One more big number that I crossed is my posts that is almost near to 1100 in these not only my posts and my contents also include comments that I droped on different post of great Steemians to appreciate them and to learn from them because it is a good way of communication

Thank you so much for reading my post

I wish you all health and Wealth


welcome here on steemit. I am very old member of steemit. but I just again joined after so many months.

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