Rich Steemtians please pay attention, you can change the culture

in introduction •  2 years ago 

I have a suggestion to stop Plagiarism.

How does this platform prevents Plagiarism ? There are FAQ, and there are plenty of posts which says not to practice Plagiarism, Spam, and Abuse. But I can see there are plenty of exchange of votes requested. There are even automated bots, which does these.

I have a suggestion to stop Plagiarism. Those who are already established in Steemit, should look at new people joining and give credit to those who produce original content. That way, people will be encouraged to post authentic and original content.

I am sure who have made to the top, would also have gone through this. But they can influence changing the culture.

Unless a culture is developed in this society (we are social, right) , it cannot stop any way.

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Good judgement of the system in its current state.